Black & White…

A friend tagged a picture of me on Facebook today. It was a picture taken a while ago, at our college farewell party. It brought back a flood of such happy memories! He and I got to discussing the good ol’ days and I couldn’t believe how much I had almost forgotten. Prompted by my apparent memory loss, I opened up my old album after ages and spent a good long time looking at the pictures. I couldn’t remember even having stood posing for some of those shots or really having ever looked that way! I looked guiltily at some because I’ve lost touch with the people in those pictures and there was a time when we used to be quite close…

But there those memories are…there those old friends are…preserved in those photo albums for me to look at and reminisce whenever I feel like. They are there…for always. Testament to memories created in a time gone by…

I love looking at old photographs…for some reason, they always leave me feeling…connected again.


Would love to hear what you think!

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