Sound of Music

Ours has never been what you would traditionally call a musical family. True, we learnt how to play an instrument as children and were part of a choir as one of the instrument players at one point of time or another, but, we never sang in public. The largest audience we ever performed to consisted of the taps and toothbrush but, they did love us…

Almost a year ago, my brother and his wife had a baby. Today I find myself swallowing my fear of singing loud enough for anyone else to hear so that I can sing to her and what’s more, not only do my parents sing along too but so do my brother and his wife. Instantly, we’re like the von Trapp family! Except we’re out of tune most of the time and make up the words when we can’t remember the original lyrics. But. She loves it and the applause she gives us is better than a stadium full of people cheering.

There is something wonderful about trying to make a baby smile that makes you shed your inhibitions and just do whatever it takes because you don’t have to be the best at it, you just have to be willing to try so that you’re rewarded with something priceless.


2 comments on “Sound of Music

  1. Aww! thats really sweet 🙂


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