I am sorry. Difficult words to say when you think about it. After years of arguments and unpleasant fights with people, I find that apologies are hard work. The courage to say those three little words is more than just difficult to muster.

The truth is apologizing means you’re admitting that you made a mistake. You hurt someone. You were wrong. From experience, I know it’s quite humbling to look someone in the eye and admit you’re the one who screwed up. The only way you can say you’re sorry, and mean it, is if you truly value the other person’s presence in your life. Believing that the relationship is more important than your pride is the only thing that will allow you to admit that you were at fault and sometimes lead you to apologize even if you’re not the one who was wrong.

Saying sorry is hard. Probably, it was always supposed to be. It’s kind of like baring your soul to someone else and that vulnerability is always scary. But. In the end, if saying you’re sorry makes everything right, I think it’s a whole lot more important than just being right.


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