Pure Inspiration

There are so many times in life when you feel like things are not going your way and so you just stop trying…you give up. You blame and curse everyone and everything including yourself and God and just throw in the towel. We do it in stressful times…I’ve done it plenty…

The other day I was at a seminar and listening to people share their experiences and how they dealt with them. One of the participants said he got through life purely on positive thinking. The first thing that flashed in my head was “Whatever!” But then as this guy started to tell his story, I began to feel thoroughly ashamed of myself and to believe in the power of positive thinking.

He lost his parents when he was two years old and then began to live with his grandfather. When he was fifteen his grandfather died and having no one to turn to, he had to start working to make ends meet. He worked during the day and attended college in the evening and studied in the night. Today, he has almost qualified as a Chartered Accountant – anyone who has attempted to go down this road knows it’s one of the most grueling courses. Inspite of everything, he has been able to stick to it. Only because he believes things will turn out alright.

People like the man I met will probably not have their names put down in history books but they are everyday heroes and for someone like me, pure inspiration.


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