Things we do for love…

A couple of months ago, I joined a local gym. Every day (when I can force myself to get out of bed that is…) I put my body through varying degrees of torture and almost every morning since I’ve begun, there is a different part of me that’s quite literally screaming in pain. But. I must not stop. Why do you ask?? Well, I’ve been taught that one must be willing to sacrifice for that which they love and I joined a gym explicitly for my eternal undying love of all things sweet…I have what can only be called a serious sweet tooth…

That now…is me!

But, just loving sweets is not a problem…living with the world’s best dessert maker is. My mother can whip up my favourite yummies in minutes and well, I don’t really want to see the look of disappointment on her face when I don’t take a second helping… so yes…it’s all her fault!

It also doesn’t help when my father who never ate chocolate his whole life, now stocks the fridge with it with the feeble excuse of “just wanting to taste all those different types available these days”…don’t judge me! What do expect me to do when it’s just staring me in the face like that!

So, as you can see…if I want to continue to indulge in all the delicious sweet things that life is so wonderfully providing me (and continue to actually shop for clothes and not have them custom-made for me) I have no choice…to the gym I must go…sigh…


Would love to hear what you think!

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