The big plan…

I’ve spent pretty much most of the last year worrying about which way my life is going to go. Constantly wondering if there was a “plan” and whether the huge delay in getting things going, professionally and personally, was all part of it…but it’s amazing how things sometimes fall in place when you least expect it…

One minute I thought nothing good was ever going to come my way and I was forever going to remain stagnant and in a way dormant I guess, when without warning, this giant alarm clock started to ring and everything was set in motion so fast I didn’t have a second to breathe, step back and really digest what was happening…for someone like me, my brain should have rejected the idea of making decisions that fast because I’m usually one to think things through for ages and weigh pros against cons repeatedly…but surprisingly, I didn’t, I made a choice instantly…

What’s weird is how even though things happened in a sort of rapid fire motion, the whole experience left me with a sense of absolute calm. It’s like every purpose under heaven truly does have a time…and I believe with all my heart that if I trust in the plan and never doubt…all good things are sure to follow.

Today, I feel like everything is right in the world…like my life is going somewhere…I’m finally truly happy again…


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