Happy half birthday!!! almost….

So about two hours after my earlier post got posted, this friend of mine called me from across the sea to complain that I appeared to be more grateful for my cat than her. So, this is for you and be warned that this could have been your “from the heart birthday present” but now you’re going to have to do without it…or anything else perhaps…

Shopping. Eventful auto rickshaw rides. Confusing people on the telephone. Endless hours of laughing. Late late night talks. Trying to force electrolytes down my throat and then drinking it yourself. Discussing really weird stuff. Fights and silences. People getting confused with our names. Yelling at me like my mother (worse sometimes) when I didn’t do what you thought I should. Encourager. Birthdayssss!!! 🙂 “You decide what to eat tonight, I decided yesterday.” Surprise hugs. Crying together. Adviser. Movies. Reality TV. Ammi’s Biriyani. Chung Wah’s Chinese. Secret keeper. Comforter. Bringer of Arabic sweets 🙂 Experiments in the kitchen. Cockroach slayer.  Falling asleep on my shoulder in the auto rickshaw. “Wake me up in 10 minutes okay?”. Lots of love. Classmate. Colleague. Roommate. Super close friend. Sister. 🙂

Happy almost half birthday! 🙂


2 comments on “Happy half birthday!!! almost….

  1. […] till I feel better). My closest friend (to whom I have already dedicated a post which you can read here) looked after me the best she could, even feeding me when I agreed to eat while I was at the paying […]


  2. whinyboy says:

    haha turkey only got a dedication after she whined for it!!!


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