Easter! :D

Easter = the whole family getting together for a meal. This year it was lunch. This year we broke tradition and didn’t have the women in the family spend the whole morning in the kitchen. We ordered in Chinese. 😀

Easter = spring cleaning. It seems to be tradition that when Easter draws near my mother pulls out all stops and the whole house gets a good cleaning. Everything is all spruced up and shiny again. This year, fortunately for him, the cat was spared.

Easter = a whole lot of merry making. It is amazing how everyone seems to get along when it’s the holidays. Everybody is laughing at someone or something and talking about funny things they’ve heard. I love the laughing 🙂

Easter = talking about the old days. Every year I’ve spent Easter at home, I’ve heard stories of how it was in times gone by and how things have changed so much…from the church service to the way everyone…including the extended family used to get together and spend the day together. It somehow sets the mood…don’t ask me how…it just does…

Easter = love. I guess all the rambling was quite pointless because that’s what it is, that’s what I wanted to say…Easter, Christmas…all the festivals and holidays…that’s all they are…love…and oodles of it.


Would love to hear what you think!

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