The one certainty

It’s strange…the way life works. One minute your life is as normal as the next person but the next minute could change things forever. You could wake up one morning thinking that it was going to be just like yesterday when WHAM!! You get a huge jolt and everything you once knew…everything you trusted would never change…just disappears…never to be really replaced…

Everyone knows death is life’s one certainty…it’s an overused cliché and you would think because people have heard it over and over and over again, facing death wouldn’t be as hard as it is. But I bet there is just a tiny percentage of people who are actually prepared to greet the Grim Reaper like an old friend when it comes knocking at their door and I’m pretty damn sure there is an even tinier percentage who are ready to say goodbye to the people they love when it’s time.

When someone dies we are always talking about how the person who died was way too young or just too good or was taken before his time. But how do we know what is too young? What is before someone’s time? We don’t know when the purpose we are apparently put here on earth for is fulfilled…We aren’t in charge of anything as much as we would like to believe differently…

Those motivational speakers…they’re always on about how you shouldn’t take people for granted…you should tell them that you love them and make sure they know how much they mean to you…so in the eventuality of death, you don’t spend the rest of your life wishing that you had told them just once. I used to think it was kind of cheesy to tell someone you loved them..but now, with some recent events, I’m all for it. I may not be able to say the words to everyone I love…but I sure as hell am going to try to show them that they make a huge gigantic difference to my petty existence….

I think instead of grieving for the person who has passed from this life to the next, we should grieve for the people left behind instead. They are the ones journeying on this long twisted road of suffering and pain. For them, the world seems to have stopped turning. For them it seems cruel that night still turns into day. For them it’s almost unfair that life apparently goes on for everyone else while they seem to be at a standstill…They are the ones in need of comfort …they are the ones who need to know that just as surely as the sun rises every morning, eventually, the sharp stabbing pain that they feel every time they take a breath will turn into a dull throb that is almost bearable before finally fading away…

Today, I’m saying a prayer for everyone who has ever lost someone they love…May you have the support and love of the people around you to get you through the dark days…may you have the courage to face tomorrow…may you have faith to know that things will get better…and may the peace that eludes you, come…


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