Today is India’s happy birthday. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians!! Today is an extremely significant day for the whole nation but more importantly, it is my brother’s birthday!

All day, I’ve been trying to recollect my earliest memory of him but everything seems to be mashed together in my head. I haven’t been able to separate just one memory from the million gazillion others…I think that’s because I’ve known Anand, my brother, my entire life. I mean…the man named me! Even before I was born…before he even knew I was a girl! (No…I do no have one of those unisex names…)

Yea, we grew up fighting, tooth and nail, like most siblings with a relatively large age gap do, but today, he is my shoulder to cry on and my counselor when I’m lost. He’s my technical guru and provider of information (useless and otherwise). He gets my jokes, even though he doesn’t always laugh and I know what he’s talking about even when he is making vague references to books we have read or movies we have seen…today, my big brother isn’t really just my brother…when we turned the corner onto adulthood…the two of us became friends.

So, Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!!! Happy thirtieth dear Anand!!!!! Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!!!! Thank you for everything 🙂


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