Are you beautiful?

I was watching videos of the new Dove “Real Beauty” campaign…the ones that are circulating round Facebook and those on the Dove website ( According to their studies, there are only a handful of women (4 percent) who truly believe they are beautiful and I thought, “No freaking way!”

Then I realized it’s probably true. Women think other women are beautiful…most women I know don’t think the same about themselves.

Is that really what we see?

Is that really what we see?

As women, we often downplay our best features and focus on things we think make us look less than awesome. Women with chubby cheeks (and I speak from experience) look at women who have prominent high cheek bones and sigh  a deep sigh of envy. But, it’s not just that, I know women with large eyes who wished they were smaller, thin lips who wished they were fuller and long noses who wished they were shorter and vice-versa. Even the texture of our hair bothers us…women with curly hair straighten it while women with straight hair perm. And lets not even start on body build and size….

We try to cover up our blemishes with make-up and try to wear only those certain types of clothes that are supposed to be styled in a certain way to camouflage our imperfections. But, even though we do all of that, most of us are never really satisfied with the way we perceive ourselves. There is always something wrong with us when we look into the mirror. So, we look at other women and covet their beautiful features forgetting that they are looking at us doing the very same thing.

To add to our woes, we have the complimentors. These are people who tell us we look good. Do we dare believe them? Are you kidding me?? Of course not! How can we believe them? They are just being kind to us. We almost never accept that when people around us compliment us…they genuinely mean it! We usually look at the complimentor uncertainly and then laugh off the compliment awkwardly. We seem to have some problem accepting that other people could find us better looking than we find ourselves.

That’s why I found the Dove experiment amazing. Yes, it picked only a handful of women but those women stand as examples for us, the rest of the population. They were able to see themselves as other people saw them. They were astounded to find out that the people around them found them so much more beautiful than they thought they were. It helped them see themselves in new light and feel better…much better about themselves too.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we live in a world where the way we look makes a difference in the way that our lives pan out, more so unfortunately for women than men. To be able to realize and accept that we look good, just the way we are, every day of the damn week would make us instantly more confident and sure of ourselves.

I look great…and you know what….so do YOU!

(Please note that I am not affiliated to Dove in any way what-so-ever. I just appreciated the idea behind showing real women how beautiful they really are).


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