The Order

When he woke up, it was to rays of the golden afternoon sun streaming through his thin yellowing curtains playing catch with one another on his face. He lay still on his bed in that same position, blinking, a little disoriented. Had he slept the morning away? He had…it was nearly evening…but he had been so tired out from the day before. Preparations for today had to be made…and now there was that last bit of work to be completed. He turned to face his window with its broken pane and he sniffed eagerly. The smell of freshly baked biscuits wafted in through that window…looked like his next door neighbour was at her oven again. His stomach growled reminding him that he hadn’t eaten anything since the evening before. He almost thought about walking to the bakery to buy some cake but the Boss didn’t pay him enough to spend money on things like that. He paid his rent and enough for simple meals…he supposed he should feel grateful…and he was…usually…

He eased himself out of bed gently…cursing softly because of the ache in his back. He sighed. It was going to be a long evening. He thought it was probably a shame that he had slept through what seemed like a beautiful day. But then, considering the kind of work he had in store, he guessed that he wouldn’t have minded sleeping through the night as well. He hated it when he had to do this. It wasn’t something he ever wanted to get involved in…but, it was part of his job and he had his orders. He could do little but follow them…especially if he knew what was good for him. The Boss was not unkind…but he did expect obedience.

Gingerly he walked to his bathroom and stood under a hot shower feeling the tension in his aching bones ebb away and thanking the Universe for heat. As he freshened up, he studied his face in the mirror. He smirked not quite sure if he liked what he saw. He had a lot more salt in his salt and pepper hair than he had even a couple of months ago. He wasn’t sure how appealing that would be to the ladies considering he was all of twenty seven. Perhaps there would be no woman since this new job kept him really busy…sometimes, he thought as he patted down his messy hair, stressing him out a little too. But, usually, the outcome of his efforts was highly satisfying and he hoped that as it was with his other work, today would go well too.

He hunted around his room for his clothes. Black. All black. Always black. He supposed he picked the colour so that he blended in and obviously, so that it wouldn’t show the stains. Where the hell was his shirt?? There! Right where he left it when he peeled it off his aching tired body the last time he wore it. He picked it up and checked it, it smelt but wasn’t something a little extra deodorant wouldn’t fix. Plus, it wasn’t even too crumpled or wrinkled…it was dark anyway.

Once dressed, he made his way to the designated area. He looked around and saw the large number of whites and darkies all together and yet separate in one place and he mused about how appropriate it was that they called him Brown while he looked at them in disgust. He couldn’t help thinking how wonderful it would be to eliminate every one of them, once and for all. It was almost like they had each done him some personal harm. Thank goodness he finally received his orders and now that it came to it, he only wished they had been given to him sooner.

He checked the room and saw that he was alone. Then he turned to fine tune his instruments. They were the best in the market and even though they required him to work with them manually, there was nothing like an able man when it came to performing tasks of a certain nature. He was glad that he had them…especially tonight.

He carefully pick out the whites first….it was nearly time…

He sighed as he raised his right hand and put the whites in a bucket of soapy water….

How Mr. Brown hated laundry night….

(I randomly generated the words laundry, evening and order and what you just read, is a result of that…hope you enjoyed it!)


One comment on “The Order

  1. goodgiffen says:

    Nice. Well written.


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