Little One

When she finally learnt
Ecstatic was she,
She was carrying a life,
A mother-to-be!
She had been patient
For so very long,
While she hoped that someday,
Mr. Stork would come along.

She placed her hands
Over her growing belly
And lovingly to her baby,
She said, most gently:

“Little one, growing in me,
I promise you are so loved already.
For you, I will always be there,
I’ll keep you safe, I will always care.
I can’t wait to hold you and you to see,
My beautiful child, growing in me.”

But something was amiss,
Something wasn’t right
She was in too much pain,
She was in agony that night.
The doctors did their best,
Looking very grave
But their best wasn’t enough,
Her baby couldn’t be saved.
When she was finally told,
In shock was she
She had lost her precious child
It wasn’t to be.
She wanted to see him,
To say her goodbyes
With sorrow in her voice
She said, as tears filled her eyes:

“My little one, I am so very sorry.
I know I promised, safe you would be.
I really wish instead of you, it was me.
How I wish I could tell you what you already meant to me!
I don’t know why Fate has behaved so unkindly. But,
My beautiful child…in my heart you forever will be.”


One comment on “Little One

  1. arpit says:

    What I think?
    I am thinking what you think and must be thinking at the time you wrote a ‘gut-wrenching overwhelming subtle pinching but an expression of real world’ poetry.

    Love and loss?
    why… because it draws us near to harsh life?
    Or is it an expression of mother’s love and affection. But like this? Made me queasy , but was beautiful.


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