Darwin’s Freedom

My first Daily Post Challenge! The idea was to post about metamorphosis – from human to animal or vice-versa. (Look at the link. It’s all explained much better there). This is my response to it, for hopefully, your reading pleasure:

Darwin always knew Mother should never have let that crazy man move into their house. Her latest was the seventh in a string of alcoholic abusive boyfriends in the past year. But this one, was worse than the others. He not only beat up Mother, but while she lay crumpled on the floor covered in blood, he often went into Darwin’s room and beat him too till he wasn’t able to cry out anymore and just lay there, waiting for it to stop. He hated the way people looked at him the next day. He hated the questions people asked him in school. He was tried of pretending to be the clumsiest boy in the ninth grade. He had lost count of the number of times he tried to get his mother to just leave everything and go away with him…to start afresh somewhere. But, she had been too afraid. She stayed. While all he wanted was for them to be free. Her boyfriend has ensured part of his wish last night. He hit her too hard too many times…she wouldn’t wake up. Darwin tried to stop it, but couldn’t until it was too late. He had hit him with a cricket bat and then run for his life… 

For a couple of hours, that was all he had done, run…constantly looking over his shoulder, trying to put as much distance between the two of them as possible. Ever fearful that Mother’s boyfriend might suddenly appear behind him his evil face poking out from between the trees. He reached the stream and bent down to scoop up some water to parch his dry throat, but stopped remembering that the papers said something about a dangerous mutative toxin that had been released into the water supply. He sat down for a minute, to rest his aching legs when he heard it, the snap of a branch behind him.

He scarcely had time to turn before Mother’s boyfriend said, “What the hell do you think you’re doing kid? Come back with me…NOW! I’ve got this nasty bump on my head that I think you had something to do with….it’s payback time don’t you think???”, and he snarled at him.

Darwin looked from the gurgling water in the stream to the madman standing in front of him, swinging the bat menacingly. He made a choice…

Darwin fell face forward into the stream drinking up as much of the water as he could before starting to run again, taking the man standing before him by surprise. But, Darwin couldn’t get too far before the toxins began to work in him and he collapsed on the ground, the pain almost too much to handle. His mother’s last boyfriend looked on in confused amazement as Darwin suddenly took flight….he was a beautiful white dove…

In the air, soaring high, Darwin deposited a little parcel on his mother’s boyfriends bald shiny head and laughed, he was finally free.


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