Wooden boxes

He measured the angles on the box meticulously and polished the wood himself. He checked to see that the cushion was of royal blue velvet. His craftsmanship was perfect…as always. In his forty years, he had never let a client get anything less than the best he could make. This time too, he made sure that he had met all of that bereaved woman’s specifications. But, he wasn’t sure if he should feel proud or depressed that he had made another sale. 

He watched as they carried the box out.  It was unpleasant being in the business of making caskets….but someone had to do it.


He hadn’t been able to cry since it had happened. He waited for the tears to come, but they never did even though they should have. He thought it was all horribly unfair that things had turned out this way. They had been in the accident together. They were supposed to remain together in good times and bad but now, he was forced to watch as they lay his beautiful young wife in the wooden box. She looked so peaceful, like she did when she was sleeping beside him…he almost wanted to go and shake her by her shoulders and yell at her to stop playing this cruel game! But then, he remembered, she was anything but cruel and this was not a game.

It was terrible being the one left behind and as he watched them lower the casket into the ground…he realized that the tears had finally come.


Pain, his constant companion for the past few years had finally left him and he was glad for it. No more opening his eyes depressed that they had opened at all. No more pleading with his round-the-clock caretaker to up his pain medication because no dosage seemed enough to ease his tortured body. He detested having to depend on other people so much for everything. Not much of a life those last few years and now, he was happy it was over. He just wished they hadn’t dressed him in a suit. How was he supposed to spend eternity in that? Didn’t anyone think it would be uncomfortable? Apparently not. He missed his pajamas

But, he was finally done struggling and suffering and to him, eternal rest in his comfortable cushioned casket sounded pretty damn good…


The Daily Prompt said to weave threads, so I randomly generated a word and wouldn’t you know it, I had to get “coffins


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