I must mourn…

For all the people who have no one to hold their hands, no one to comfort them, no one to help them believe that tomorrow will be alright and that sometimes things have to get bad…really bad before they get better. For them, who cannot bear to face the pain and sorrow that another rising of the sun will give them and decide that they have reached the last chapter in the book of their life…

I must mourn.

For the ones who were trying to make a difference in some one’s world and then were taken away, not by their own hand but by forces out of their control. For those who were healthy and have had their bodies suddenly fail them. For those who were young and have not yet had the chance to experience the world. For those who have not had the chance to say goodbye or tell the people they care about that they love them because there was supposed to be tomorrow but everything ended today…

I must mourn.

For a world where the number of suicides and deaths by accidents are growing all the time…for the ones who are left behind…for the ones who shed tears of inconsolable grief. For the ones who feel like their world has shattered. For those who believe their life has ended with the close of those they love….

I must mourn.


I wish lasting peace to the friends I have lost in such sudden circumstances these past two months. I have scarcely had the time to recover from one loss before I’ve been hit by another. I cannot imagine the trauma their parents and closer relatives must be going through and I wish them strength.


4 comments on “I must mourn…

  1. Writing a post like this requires a lot of empathy and it feels great to know we still have people like you. (y)


  2. nabanita21 says:

    very profound!


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