Today…today, I’m homesick…

Last week, the husband and I decided to go home and it was a beautiful, green, cool, wet Mangalore that greeted us. Now for those of you who do not know, Mangalore doesn’t always treat its residents that kindly…usually, it’s terribly hot and the humidity is off the charts. You’re sweating the second after you’ve had a nice cool shower and there isn’t a lot you can do to feel comfortable. But this time, we reached just as the monsoons hit the coast and the weather was perfect for a relaxing holiday. 

Unfortunately, as is the case with all good things, it zipped by faster than light and now, back in Bangalore I’m homesick…sigh…

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a baby person and since during this little vacation, I was in Mangalore for a whole week, I was able to devote precious hours to enjoying the wonderful company of my two-year old niece who is the most adorable child on the planet! Yay!!! She is such a cute girl!  My husband finds it surprising thatIMG_20120513_132312 I’m willing to play with my niece endlessly; carrying her around and making a complete idiot out of myself just to see her laugh. But she’s a baby and the first one in the family since I was born years and years ago! Besides, who can resist a child who looks at you and says, “I love you so much!”, before planting a kiss on your cheek? Thanks to Adelin, I have come to reaffirm my believe that babies are glorious creations. They are such absolute perfection in miniature.

But it’s not just Adelin…it’s having my family and my husband’s family around. It’s such a good feeling to have the house full instead of it being just the two of us like it usually is. It’s constant company. And not on a phone! If you’ve ever lived away from home, I think you would understand what I’m saying. For days before you go home excitement builds and that becomes pure joy when you’re finally there. But then, before you realize, it’s time to pack those bags again and the fall from bliss is so rapid, you feel miserable.

I have always hated leaving home. The hugs and goodbyes at the bus stop make me very sad. So, I usually avoid everyone’s gaze and get on my bus before my tears have a chance to fall. This time too, I quickly said goodbye to everyone but, my heart nearly broke when my niece put her tiny hands on my face and said, “Teythi (which is what she calls me) don’t go anywhere okay? Stay with Addu.”…

Today….today I’m so very very homesick….sigh…


6 comments on “Today…today, I’m homesick…

  1. Harsha says:

    Even I am Home Sick and Dying to get back to Home and settle there,though 7 years in Bangalore has made this place as my second home,I love it here but not as much as in my Home….A home is afterall A home you know.. 🙂


  2. My Say says:

    home sickness .. brought me back from 2000 kms to permanently settle in my homeland 😀 its killing I tell u 😀


  3. makes me say “Aww” 🙂


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