The Mission

The two men greeted the waitress as they walked into the old diner and made their way to their usual table. It was the one way at the back, past the crooked posters of the old movies that no one bothered to set right. They had always sat at the table in the corner, underneath those two big windows that allowed the cool night breeze to blow through. For the last decade and a half, the two of them had met there, at the same time every week…come rain or shine. Even today, when Rhett knew he should have been at home with his wife, he had still made it. Going to that diner had become their thing…and he definitely didn’t want to be the one to break tradition.


Jade sat clutching the steering wheel so tight her knuckles shone white in the darkness. Jade….people called her that because of the colour of her eyes…it had been so long since she had heard the name she had been christened with that she couldn’t even remember it anymore. But she didn’t mind, in fact she loved it. This name they had given her made her feel mysterious…sexy…even exotic sometimes. Such a leap away from how she normally evening-19912_640seemed. She was waiting in her old car with the patchy paintwork and wondered for a moment if she should have used a rented, less conspicuous looking vehicle and left hers at home. What would she do if they recognized her car? What would she do if she was made too early? She shouldn’t have risked it…she had been planning this for too long. But, she consoled herself, the clouds were thick and dark overhead and she had parked far away from the solitary working street lamp. It was safe to assume she would not be spotted.

She looked up through the tinted windows to check on the men again. It looked like they had just been served the diner’s trademark double decker sandwiches. Her stomach rumbled….waiting always made her hungry. She turned to look at the back seat…at the box that was placed there. Procuring it had been a difficult task but, she had managed it. She smiled. Things were falling in place. Soon, the others would arrive. Soon, everything would be done…

She looked at her watch…it was 8.45 pm. The time had come. Getting out at last, she carefully picked up the box that had laid on the back seat of her car and looked around. Almost everyone else had arrived. She frowned as she realized that so many were late but, she couldn’t afford to wait. It looked like the men were almost through with their meal. She would have to make do with the number available. But, still, there were too many of them to enter through the main door without arousing suspicion. She was glad she had an understanding with Lou, the head chef. He would let them in through the back door…that man would never know what hit him. The very thought made her laugh…


The two of them licked their fingers as they took the last bites of their deliciously juicy sandwiches. Rhett had eaten his way too fast and had developed a case of the hiccoughs. But, Cyrus looked like he could eat another one and almost made to call the pretty waitress to take his order before Rhett stopped him.

“Since when have you got a bottomless pit instead of a stomach! Look man, you can’t have another one today! I’m sorry but I need to go home…she’ll be waiting for me…you know what day it is today? You know what she would want!!”, Rhett looked at Cyrus almost pleadingly.

“I’m just hungry that’s all….Look man…this is tradition. We’ve kept up to it too…it’s got to be some kinda record Rhett!!! “, Cyrus replied sounding a little offended at Rhett’s apparent disregard for tradition.

“Yes…I know…I’m sorry…it’s just…today, I nee….”

And that’s when it happened….


Jade and the rest of the group made their way through the greasy kitchen to the door leading to the diner. She opened up the box and lifted out the contents. She would enter the diner first, followed by the others. After all, this mission was her brainchild.

As she walked, holding the contents, she felt the excitement build. As she hoped, he hadn’t seen it coming…She had almost reached their table before he saw her…

She grinned when suddenly, there was a loud scream….



This post is part of  Contest 8.. on<

The prompt was: There are two men sitting in the booth of a diner eating dinner together and talking. A woman sits outside in a parked car, watching them through the window. Who are they? What is their relationship to one another? What are the men discussing? What is the woman thinking? What does she do next? Write a story that opens with this scene and explores these questions.


12 comments on “The Mission

  1. Superb narration with a great twist in the tale!


  2. sharu4ever says:

    Nice narration Preeti 🙂 Congrats on winning! 🙂


  3. ifrazrahman says:

    Its cum out really nice.. all d best pt..


  4. Jiggyasa says:

    very nice :). .was it a birthday surprise?? loved the whole narration
    I wish you all the best Preeti 🙂


  5. Nice story, beautifully narrated. Good luck


  6. Harsha says:

    That is a nice one…Best of Luck for the contest and I think either it was his b’day or their Anniversary 🙂 Correct me if I am Wrong…


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