God and I

When I lived with my parents, Sunday morning equaled Sunday Mass. It was a non-negotiable activity. Today, I’m married and most Saturday evenings are spent resolving to go to Mass the next day with my husband. Let’s just say that the two of us aren’t very good at keeping resolutions… It’s just the getting to the church that is a little difficult for lazy old me…once I’m at church, I’m quite glad I am there. The only part of a Mass that sort of bores me is the sermon. Most weeks, the homily ends up as time for my own personal contemplation. Don’t judge me! I really try to pay attention in the beginning but, if after the first few minutes I haven’t got interested, I tend to let my mind wander onto other things…

Yesterday though, was a little different. The preacher asked a rather interesting question and was able to keep my focus on him till the end of his sermon. His question was : What is your relationship with God?

Growing up, God meant different things to me at different stages.

When I was really young, thanks to the stories of the many miracles cited in the Bible, I used to think think that God was a magician.  I was about five when I first heard the story of Jesus feeding the multitude from my mother. I sat with my eyes wide and my jaw dropping as she narrated how he simply prayed over a few loaves of bread and some small fish and thousands of people ate till they were full. I mean, what would you expect? Of course I thought Jesus was a magician! It is a fantastic story. I loved it…still do. Whenever I hear it in church, I feel like that five year old again.

black-29034_150As I grew older, there were a lot of times when I wondered if God did exist. Then I looked around me. Maybe I didn’t know enough, perhaps I still don’t, but for everything to be as perfect as it is, I am forced to believe that there was some sort of super scientist type higher power who tinkered with genetic make-up at one point of time at least if not constantly. How else do all things have a purpose and place in this crazy chaotic world?

God through my eyes has gone from being an extremely talented magic man (who could turn water into wine) to some abstract strange super scientist (who else would put cockroaches on the planet???) to something much more personal.

Today, the God I believe in understands my faults, listens to me when I need to sound off to someone, keeps my secrets, always forgives, loves unconditionally and accepts me, just the way I am…

So, what is my relationship with God?

Well, the two of us are good friends.


18 comments on “God and I

  1. Shushant says:

    God and I nicely written article. But if you really want to know what is relationship between you and God. I would suggest re-read the bible again its more than a friend. Though I always sing in the Church that “There is no friend like lowly Jesus, no not one” but He is more than a friend. He is redeemer who died for me, Father who gave His begotten Son so that world can be saved through Him. He is the Husband of His people and ultimately waiting for Church.
    When we have that perfect relationship with Him neither will any sermon look boring nor going to church will just a religious act but on other hand a voluntary act of love. Hope you have read the bible and you keep reading His love letters for you…..


    • Preeti says:

      Thanks Shushant, for the suggestion. I do see God as most of those things too…but, He will always be my friend first I think…maybe over time, one day that will change.
      Right now, I’m at a stage where I don’t really see the connect between how regular I am at Sunday mass and how my relationship with God changes. I go to mass because there, without distraction, I’m able to listen to what God is trying to tell me….but, I think that closeness/a better relationship with God can be achieved without all of that too…
      I’m so glad I wrote this post. So many people have really helped open my eyes to other possibilities and ways of looking at God.
      Thanks again Shushant! 🙂


  2. krsnaknows says:

    The dear priest tries hard for people to understand what he says. Unfortunately most of the people have attention deficiency and in good measure. To have relationship with an invisible Man is good but to know Him is better. Hardly anyone knows God nowadays since our parents and relatives are not qualified to tell us since they themselves don’t know. Even when the future generation will arrive and ask who is God and if the answers are as vague then they too shall be disappointed with God. Whereas they should be disappointed with the ones who are giving answers to them. Ignorance is bliss they say but if the same ignorance is passed further isn’t it the fault of these ignorant folks? Bible teaches one to have relationship with God. The church tries hard to drill it into people but in vain. Is it the fault of the church where the human being has no interest in knowing God? I loved your approach to the question of God, but if you truly are keen in knowing God, then He will open the doors to you.


    • Preeti says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I agree that more than blaming clergy and other religious teachers, we should look at how we are trying to understand God instead.
      I hope one day, my relationship with God will deepen as I open up my mind and soul to God.


  3. My Say says:

    He/She/It .. i dont know .. how to address.. but listening to your answers to that very question .. I felt like answering it as well.. My truest friend.. My loveliest Master and My only preacher .


  4. Yea, god in us grows too when we grow up.He is not the bundle of our old beliefs but a product of progressive and going ahead mind


  5. Sakshi says:

    This is the most honest post I have read in a very long time. And a really sweet one. 🙂


  6. aamjunta says:

    Nice post. I think the humanity is God and serving to the mankind (the nature is included….) is serving to God.
    The sense of God should come from within…


  7. sugandha says:

    I often think of God as my first crush…I dont remember being introduced to God, but I do remember being introduced to an idol of lord Krishna. From the day I knew him, he became the subject of my attention for quite some time.
    Nice post. It inspired me to write something about my experience too.


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