What if it was you?

Too many of us find it hard to accept people of different sexual orientation. I suppose it’s because we are the majority. But what if you were the minority? Somehow we have ended up in a world where it’s considered normal to be with someone of the opposite sex. We are just used to it. So, we don’t know how to deal with the idea of men being with other men or women with other women. It makes a lot of us uncomfortable.

Not enough of us see that it takes a tremendous amount of courage for people who are different that way to be able to share their uniqueness with other people. Most of us just treat them like they are carrying some sort of disease and avoid them if possible. People bully them and make fun of them without really understanding the kind of effect those cruel words could have on them.

But, they are people…and people are people whoever they fall in love with. However different they may seem to you.

Although this video talks specifically about bullying people of different sexual orientation, it sends a louder, stronger message about the effect that bullying can have on young children.

It is a beautiful video that really speaks volumes. It’s long. But worth every second of your time.

Watch. Learn. Accept. Change.


I don’t own this video or rights to it. I just think that everyone needs to see it.


2 comments on “What if it was you?

  1. bonsaimartin says:

    Thank you for posting this. I consider myself to be open to others and accepting of their differences, but watching this powerful video made me realise that maybe I’m not as open as I like to think. I never sided with the bullies, but showing the issue from this perspective made me stop and think about the many subtle ways that we can, without vigilance, allow our prejudices to surface. Thank you.


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