And so it ends…

For two years now, I’ve had week-long weekends and been free from the Monday morning blues. Sure; when I told people that I didn’t mind staying at home because time passes quickly when you spend it reading, writing and watching television, I’ve received more than my fair share of skeptical looks. (Like being young and happy at home is a crime. Nonsense!) And yes, even though it did upset me that my lifestyle didn’t please them, my love of my laid-back life outweighed the irritation they gave me…and all was well. Until, I began to think that maybe…MAYBE…I shouldn’t waste my youth and should try to get a job.

looking-for-a-job-68958_640So, I began applying at places. But, with the economy being the way it is, things weren’t looking good. When nothing moved for months, I began moaning about how tired I was of staying at home and how I needed a job because frankly, I’m meant for better things than just cooking, washing dishes and doing the laundry. I even had various relatives praying that I became a contributing member of the society, but, every passing day frustrated me more and more because not only were there no offer letters flooding my mailbox but worse still, only as many companies as my two year old niece can count had called me for interviews.

But, all was not lost and when an offer letter came, a little while ago, I accepted it happily….excitedly even. However, here I stand, the day before I’m scheduled to go to work and I’m more nervous than I have ever been before. This is my first real job. I say real, because before this, the only work I’ve done was as an article (a Chartered Accountant intern for those of you who were wondering about the term…). And even though it took three years of my life and gave me my first grey hair, it wasn’t really a job…it was just internship. So, I’m going to be in uncharted waters after a two-year long vacation. I’m so nervous that my skin, which is usually clear, is breaking out! (The body does react in strange ways to stress. I thought the pimple-worrying stage was behind me….clearly not!!)

Although a couple of weeks ago I was looking forward to the change that a job would bring, now, I’ve realized that I am a creature of habit. I like having the mornings free to potter around my house with the option to go out and shop always available. I like having all the time in the world to research recipes and subject my husband to my experiments in the kitchen. I like being able to sit curled up with a novel and read and read for as long as I want. I like being able to sleep-in and nap in the afternoon if I want to. I really really loved having all this time to myself…sigh…

As with the end of all vacations, I’m subdued. But, I’m also hopeful, a little afraid and very nervous. So, I’m going to take a deep breath, cross my fingers and try to believe, with all my heart, that tomorrow will be the start of something fabulous…

Tomorrow a new chapter unfolds…


12 comments on “And so it ends…

  1. My Say says:

    Preeti .. now that you have grabbed a job.. Manmohan Singh will be able to claim alongwith Chidambaram that see the economy is doing well… ask Preeti !! 😀 😀
    Congrats friend !! Wish the new chapter of life makes you content and uplifts your confidence for betterment !!


  2. Yep, the first job really gives one helluva joy and happiness. Congrats! Sure, tomorrow will bring more light to you.


  3. dabhibrendan says:

    Congratulations on the job!
    And yeah, the end of a vacation feels like the end of the World but you’ve got to deal with it, eh?
    But I bet you’re secretly happy that you’re going to work!


  4. Harsha says:

    It will indeed be a new Chapter in your Life..Have faith in yourself…and Congrats on your first job.
    Way to Go….Good Luck.. 🙂


  5. congratulations! first job is always exciting and it will at least take 2 – 3 years for you to get bored of it. enjoyed the read!


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