O friends of mine!


When I saw this prompt on BlogAdda, the first thing I did was fish out my hard disk and look at old photographs. Not exactly for inspiration but because there was this sudden tug at my heart to look at those old blurry shots (blurry because they were taken on phones when 2 mega pixels was still an amazing thing!) and smile as the memories came rushing back.

The Good Girls Gang

The Good Girls Gang

Like a lot of people who make their best friends in college, two of my closest dearest girl friends are people I met there. In pre-university, I met my sister from another mother and then in college, I met another sister. We called ourselves the Good Girls Gang (I know it isn’t the coolest name but, years and years later, it still makes the three of us extremely happy when someone remembers that that’s the name we used to go by… 🙂 ). We even had this little routine we performed in sync (to everyone’s amusement I’m sure!). We were also all living away from home and staying in pretty difficult conditions in our hostels but, we had each other to share our grief and knowing that we weren’t alone was always comforting.  These girls are two people who have encouraged and supported and listened to me no matter what and although we no longer live within walking distance of each other, we are still family…and family is always family.

I also formed fast friendships with people I met while I was doing articleship. (Chartered Accountant internship). We’ve 21082010278celebrated birthdays and religious festivals together, watched cricket matches (on television and with matching India jerseys on in the stadium) and been yelled at by our bosses for making too much noise during our lunch breaks. But, most importantly, we’ve been each others shoulders during disappointments and heart-breaks and we’ve jumped for joy during good times. Even though we don’t see each other everyday, when we do meet, it’s almost like time has stood still.

I remember there was a time when I would spend ages before friendship day just choosing friendship bands and cards with the right words to give my friends and then proudly wear the bands I received. I’m older now and I think I’ve outgrown that phase. Honestly, I can’t remember when it was that I last  wished anyone on friendship day! But today, thanks to the prompt, I feel the need to say thanks to my friends for giving me some of  the best days of my life…those memories we made together will make me smile for a whole life time!

Happy friendship day you guys…



This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

4 comments on “O friends of mine!

  1. My Say says:

    Hard discs are best remembered when memories of friends tickle minds .. I have an entire external hard disc of friends I have made in the journey of life so far.. 🙂 at work and after college.friendship is worth cherishing .. a relation which we choose 🙂 .. Happy Friendship Day !


  2. ifrazrahman says:

    Wow.. I remember those pics.. happy frndship day pt..


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