Save 8!

Today is Organ Donation Day.

Recently, the husband and I watched Ship of Theseus. Now, it wasn’t the most gripping movie I’ve ever seen and frankly, the whole philosophical side of it was lost on me but, the two of us sat in the cinema hall patiently waiting for the three seemingly independent stories to tie up and they did, but, only in the last few minutes. Unfortunately though, I was left wanting more…and not in a good way. (Sigh…) Personally, I think the movie could have been edited down to about half it’s viewing time to keep people like me engaged, but, I’m sure there are plenty of people who understood the deeper meaning behind it and appreciated the effort made. My take home from the movie was that organ donation saves lives…sadly, I don’t think that was the intended result when the film was conceptualized. But, this is not meant to be a review, so, back to what this post is really meant to be about….ORGAN DONATION….

Watch the video, be inspired and give organ donation a serious thought. Know that by pledging your organs, you could possibly save many lives…so, go on! Make the pledge!

Visit for more information.

Coincidently, I wrote a short piece on the same subject…please read it if you haven’t already!


The video is a Times of India product and I do not own rights to it. I am merely sharing the same.


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