Tax related posts

It seems to me that August has gone by unnaturally fast…suddenly we are on the threshold of September and it’s already almost the end of another year! Perhaps the month seemed to fly by because I was finally at work (where I celebrated my first month as a working woman) and it was also my birthday month. (As I get older, these birthdays seem to sneak up on me…not that I don’t still love birthdays, but, they seem to come around way too quickly!) When I was in articleship a couple of years ago, I remember the end of August signalled the beginning of the tax season. In the firm where I worked, September meant no weekends….we worked all 30 days. (Luckily, the last September I was in the office, Facebook had not yet been blocked and the Farmville addiction was at it’s peak so it kept me quite occupied when I had no other pressing work). 🙂

On a separate yet connected note, for a while now my husband and more recently a friend have been asking me to start posting about something related to my field of education. So, starting September, I’m going to try and do a regular post on finance/tax.  Hope you tune in to that….and if you have any questions you would like to ask or specific topics you would like me to discuss, I’m VERY open to suggestions.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂


4 comments on “Tax related posts

  1. Time flies. Enjoy FB till it’s not blocked. That’s cherry on the cake:)


  2. mahabore says:

    Cool, given that I have done my B Com and my CA Articleship, would be interesting to see your Finance and Tax related posts…


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