Things women should know

Being a woman in a world that seems to have lost its sense of humaneness is anything but easy. We have been called the weaker sex for so long that most of us have come to accept it as the truth. But, we are so much stronger than the men who called us weak in the first place. Sure, we might cry at romantic movies and we may struggle to carry heavy things and blink at discussions involving bikes and cars but that doesn’t make us weak…women are the child-bearing gender remember?

Too many men have forgotten that we are amazing beings…but unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones. There are so many women who seem to have forgotten it too… As a result, we end up doing things simply because we think it’s what is expected because we are female. We question everything about ourselves, from our looks to our capabilities and rarely, if ever, take compliments seriously. We even assume that when something bad happens to us, it’s probably because we did something wrong in the first place…how much longer will we treat ourselves like that??

So, I sat myself down, thought about it and figured these are seven things (among others) that I think all women should know:

1. There is nothing wrong with saying NO…in fact, if you are with some one who really loves you, he / she will respect you red-39951_640and your decision. If the other person doesn’t and pressures you into doing something you really aren’t comfortable with, you need to get out that relationship and get yourself away from that person. You always have a choice.

2.  When a person who is physically stronger than you takes advantage of you, it is NOT YOUR FAULT. I hate that politics and our society say different. The way you dress, the food you eat or the way you walk is no reason for anyone to hurt you. It is a shameful thing to happen…but not for you…for him! Remember that if, God forbid, something like that ever happens to you, your world has not ended. If there was any justice in the world…his should.

3. Contrary to what certain products claim, you don’t need to be fair to be considered lovely nor will the use of a particular brand of sanitary napkin guarantee your success in the world. The television airing those advertisements is called an idiot box for a reason. You truly want to make it big in this world and do something that future generations will remember you by? Then go on ahead and do it….nothing and no one can stop you, except you.

4. Learn how to be independent. It is so important to learn how to do things on your own. Learn how to drive, fix small things in your house, go for a movie alone and eat at a restaurant by yourself among other things. You shouldn’t always need someone to look after you…you are stronger than you give yourself credit. But, that being said, we do not live in a secure world so be ever aware of your surroundings and stay safe…which brings me to my next point…

stick-31346_6405. I really really think that every woman needs to learn at least the basics of some form of self-defence. There is no better way of keep safe than by knowing how to kick some ass if you have to. I wish they would make karate/judo classes compulsory for girls in school instead of just dance and music. The art of self-defence is so important given the state of things…

6. Pursue your passions. A lot of women tend to give up things they love to do because their husbands and children consume their lives. Remember, you are just as important as your family is.

7. Finally, ladies, remember that there aren’t a whole lot of men who can do all the things you do each day as efficiently or as well as you do…you are perfect and never let anything convince you otherwise. You are real live “superwomen”…it’s just that your capes are invisible…


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.

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24 comments on “Things women should know

  1. shail says:

    Seven very valid and relevant points. Sharing your post on FB.


    • Preeti says:

      I had to do quite a bit of thinking to come up with them! Am glad to know you were able to identify with my points..
      Thank you so much for sharing it on Facebook 🙂


  2. Roshni AaMom says:

    Very well said, Preeti! I loved all your points and agree that it is something that everyone, and especially women, should really think about and put into action.


  3. Perfect tribute to women. Who said women are weak? Well, I don’t coz ur way stronger than men. Just lover your seven:)


  4. afshan says:

    Good tips there for a woman to be strong and independent 🙂
    Good luck with the words festival


  5. radhasawana says:

    So true, everything that you have written here. And it is a sad thing that learning self-defence is one of them!


  6. Say Cheese says:

    I agree with every thing you mentioned in the post. Kudos for writing it.
    “you don’t need to be fair to be considered lovely nor will the use of a particular brand of sanitary napkin guarantee your success in the world.”
    “Remember that if, God forbid, something like that ever happens to you, your world has not ended. If there was any justice in the world…his should.”
    “You are real live “superwomen”…it’s just that your capes are invisible…”


  7. mahabore says:

    This was such an awesome awesome post (yes, I typed awesome twice 🙂 ) Extremely useful, thoughtful and inspiring post. Will surely show this to my wife, sis in law, and all other women who I know who read blogs for sure.

    Nice start to the Write Tribe Festival of Words.


  8. Bravo! Lovely remainder for all of us! I should bookmark this one so that time and again when I need the boost, I should look up this one.

    Joy always,
    Write Tribe Participant 🙂


  9. Diana Pinto says:

    Hi Preeti ! I agree with everything you mentioned here. It’s really sad to see how women are treated in this country even today. Even minor girls are not spared. We should never underestimate our position in the society and do whatever best we can for ourselves. Loved all the points you covered.


  10. Bhagyashree says:

    That has been a comprehensive post. At this moment I can’t think of anything more.
    I don’t know why but most of us lack the assertiveness that is needed, to believe in self and to work towards your happiness is what we need. At least most of us do need that


    • Preeti says:

      Thank you Bhagyashree.

      True…it’s a mindset that needs to change…men and women are equals and I think it’s only when the female gender also realizes and accepts it that things will change.


  11. C. Suresh says:

    That ‘saying NO’ is a thing that a lot of people – Men and Women – find the most difficult to do.

    It is a sad commentary on the state of our Society that women need to think of Self-defense arts as a necessity and need to venture out of their homes with a siege mentality.


    • Preeti says:

      Saying no is difficult…but it’s important to remember it’s always a choice.

      I couldn’t agree more about the state of society….but, we can’t hope to change it any time soon…being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best is how you need to look at it I suppose.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂


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