Namaste and Salaam

Born of one womb,
Separated at birth.
Brothers turned enemies
So much resentment and hurt.
Lines have been tattooed
To separate you from me;
Yet bloodshed and violence
Have peppered our story.
Perhaps it is only my foolish dream
To hope that one day all will be calm
After all this is something I often wonder,
How different is my Namaste from your Salaam?


This post is a part ofΒ Write Over the Weekend, an initiative forΒ Indian BloggersΒ by BlogAdda and it got featured this week! πŸ™‚



18 comments on “Namaste and Salaam

  1. Rat says:

    wow.. this is so strong and the point well made.. loved it.


  2. wonderful and clearly written


  3. Arish Dhawan says:

    The climax was nothing less than a hardcore blow.. lovd it!!


  4. Your strong message thru poetry is heart-warming.


  5. meenamenon says:

    loved the way how u integrated both namaste n salaam into it! Delivered it with a punch…


  6. Tejas says:

    That is very well written…. Brilliant… as always!!


  7. Kunal Borah says:

    a wonderful composition!


  8. mahabore says:

    Nice, the idea of using a poem with both these words was quite creative…


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