Her Safe Place

At the library, her parents’ loud, harsh, cruel words which were directed at each other but always made her cry, couldn’t reach her. She dreaded having to leave when Mr. J turned the lights off at about 8.

In the library, she was always in her safe place…lost in beautiful worlds filled with happy endings.


This is part of Write Tribes 55 on Friday. The prompt was a wonderful picture of a girl tucked behind a book case lost in her book….this was my take on it. Please visit Write Tribe to read lots of other wonderful 55ers. 🙂

55 on Friday #WriteTribe

20 comments on “Her Safe Place

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    Aah! That’s tragic. But glad that she has a place where she can find solace!


  2. Suzy says:

    We all find a safe place that takes us into a world of beautiful dreams. Very nicely depicted.


  3. Love the thought behind the inspiring 55er:)


  4. Locomente says:

    Give so much happiness and a perfect way to escape from the reality!

    Please follow the link to read mine:


  5. Vaisakh says:

    Books are really a passage to another world, into the creativity of another person’s mind, meant to be extrapolated by our own imagination. Feels so good to see so many book lovers around. Good 55er on the prompt 🙂


  6. So sad she must escape all the anger but good she has somewhere she can escape to. Loved it.


  7. Aditi says:

    Brilliant 55! Glad books are there for company….they are one’s who’ll never disappoint!


  8. Rainbow Hues says:

    That’s surely some escape. Sad that the poor child has to escape from her parents 😦


  9. mahabore says:

    Books truly make for awesome friends, don’t they? Nice 55 Fiction for the prompt, really liked it


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