UBC9: The Sun

The loud noise in the night woke him.

Opening his eyes, he grinned saying, “Look Papa, the sun came early today”. But, Papa didn’t answer.

He tried to turn towards him, but couldn’t. His legs were pinned under rubble. He couldn’t see his parents…

His screams punctuated the night, stopping once the sun had consumed him…


I’ve posted this under 55-fiction but I’m sure there have been children with similar stories. It sickens me that victims of war are so often the innocent and the horrifying pictures that I’ve seen recently have really got me down. To all those children who haven’t had a chance to make mistakes or love or experience heartbreak or just live their lives because they were born in a war-zone, this was for you…




9 comments on “UBC9: The Sun

  1. Shalzzz says:

    Though sad, you have beautifully depicted the truth!
    Keep writing….
    Visit me @TaleoftwoTomatoes


  2. shanx says:

    Very touching Preeti. It’s true and sad that many children don’t get to live, fall, learn, and love.


  3. Bhavya says:

    So true… so many kids out there, their life ends before they even begin living life 😦


  4. Oops sorry my bad, Preeti and not Rekha. Sorry Preeti for the goof up.


  5. A sensitive and sweet take on the prompt expressing thousands emotions, Rekha:)


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