UBC11: We just met

Yesterday, the husband and I got into a taxi to go to the mall. As we got in, the driver; a middle-aged local in a crisp white kandora extended his hand to my husband asking him about his day and his stay in Bahrain. He kept up the conversation, asking about India and talking about his trip to Bombay, all the way to the end of our journey while I sat in the back both amused and amazed.

On the way back, the experience was repeated. This time, with a little younger driver, the conversation veered towards the football world cup – who would win, if Bahrain ever had a chance of making it to the world cup level and why India with its huge population doesn’t have a competitive team.

It was such a change from India, where the moment an auto rickshaw driver opened his mouth I whipped out my phone ready to contact someone for help if he took an uncalled-for detour.

I think I’m going to like it here…


Written loosely based on The One-Minute Writer prompt – Meeting Someone New



4 comments on “UBC11: We just met

  1. I would like to repeat the question asked by ‘ Proactive Indian ” ..:-D but at the same time it surely is a nice experience. 🙂


    • Preeti says:

      Like I said before, perhaps I will be a little uncomfortable but knowing how severe the punishments doled out here are, I would feel safer…will let you know for sure when I’ve to travel alone sometime 🙂


  2. What if you were alone with the driver in the taxi in Bahrain? Would you have been equally comfortable as you were when your husband was with you? Or, the moment the driver opened his mouth, would you have whipped out your phone ready to contact someone for help if he took an uncalled-for detour?


    • Preeti says:

      Good question. I didn’t think of it that way. Perhaps I would have been a little uncomfortable if I was alone in a cab here as well. But knowing that criminals are very severely punished makes me feel safer somehow.


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