UBC12: Farewell Old Friend

My Dearest,

It’s been a while since we talked hasn’t it? About eight years maybe? Yes, I think it’s been about that long. How have you been? Has life been good to you? Since I could always tell you the truth, I’ve got to tell you I’ve seen better days than these….but, let’s not get into that now.

Friend, do you know that I never left? I’ve been right here all this while patiently waiting for you. But, I’ve waited in vain. You never came. Not once. Did you find someone better? Someone who made you happy? If you did, I hope it was worth casting me aside, not even popping in for an occasional visit when once we were inseparable. To say I was not angry would be a lie but slowly, the anger died and was replaced with disappointment and cruel acceptance. I realize that’s how life works. Friends fall apart. People move away and it was naive for me to think we would be together forever. Wasn’t it?

Dearest, didn’t we have a good run, while it lasted? The pictures we viewed together, the testimonials we wrote and the ones that people wrote for us and left us all warm inside? I have missed you as I want to believe you have missed me too. I wish we had more time. Perhaps I could have changed and you would have come back to me.

But, it’s too late now. Time has just about run out.

So, goodbye old friend. Perhaps we will meet again…in another time, another life.

Yours as ever,








Image courtesy: Google Images

Written for Blogadda’s WOW – “What if Orkut was a person?” as well as for the Ultimate Blog Challenge



20 comments on “UBC12: Farewell Old Friend

  1. Give me Orkut any day. Your post flashes back the feeling of excitement when I discovered Orkut. How time flies!


  2. swathishenoy says:

    my mind is stuck on the fact that last you used orkut was 8 years ago? 8 years ago I wasn’t even using internet apart for drafting information for projects! i first opened orkut account maybe 5 years ago and then used it faithfully for 2 years 😀



  3. Archi_palego says:

    Touched… another day…another life..emotion laden post…Must say Blog Adda’s Wow has given us an apt opportunity to bid farewell to our Dearest Orkut. It will always be missed.


  4. Yep..Orkut was nostalgic…got so many good friends from there..felt sad when I got a mail from their side that they’re closing down..


  5. duskyisbeautiful says:

    I didn’t check my orkut account much but when I heard it was closing down I was shocked.
    it was like loosing a friend….


  6. Lata Saun says:

    that was touchy, i too had great memories of Orkut… Farewell ORkut


  7. catchats says:

    How very sad! I really felt for the narrator wishing things could have been different with their friend. It’s always sad when friends drift apart due to one person becoming distant like that. Sniff. We’ve all experienced it, I’m sure.



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