UBC14: This much is true

When she was little,
They pulled her cheeks.
They said she was cute
They called her sweet.

As she grew older,
Chubby she remained
But they no longer praised her
Just called her rude names.
So she didn’t go out much
Stayed at home instead.
Chose to be alone
Sometimes crying in bed.
When she flipped on the switch
To watch some TV,
The women on there
Were all so skinny.
She looked in the mirror
That hanged in her room
Instead of happiness,
All it increased was gloom.
Her face was too round,
Her arms too fat
Her hips were too wide
Her stomach far from flat.
All she wanted
Was for them to see
What she was like
Not her body.
She spent a long time,
Trying to become thin
She knew chubby was out.
Angles were in.
But try as she would,
She looked almost the same.
Slowly she came to terms
With the shape she would remain.

Holding her head high,
Now, she goes out,
Her chubby face
Wearing a smile on the mouth
The arms may still
Be too fat
But she couldn’t care
Less about that.
To feel accepted,
She knew this was true:

You need to accept yourself
Before others can accept you.


12 comments on “UBC14: This much is true

  1. Ranju says:

    Another version of what I wrote. It is difficult at first, but later we accept 🙂


  2. Well expressed ..we do often forget that the beauty of a person doesn’t depend on the outer looks , it depends on the attitude, the confidence and the overall personality… 🙂 love the last too lines…


  3. shanx says:

    Wow! Touching, profound and sweet. I loved the flow.

    loneliness clings when you are round
    but joy is waiting all around
    acceptance is all you need
    to conquer world and lead
    all the fear and worries will be freed
    for it’s Happiness seed


  4. It’ heart wrenching. Something happens with non conformist and we should be proud who we are. Very well written and touched the heart, Preeti:)


  5. “You need to accept yourself
    Before others can accept you.”
    A very profound truth!
    Beautiful poem, which also highlights the great unfairness of considering chubby kids as cute, but chubby adults as objects of ridicule.


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