UBC18: A is for Always

Sunil thought he could not have been luckier. Shanti was the prettiest girl in the neighbourhood and since that glorious day when she had given her consent to marry him, he had fallen more in love with her everyday. When he closed his eyes, he could picture her big brown eyes lined with the blackest kohl, the shining tiny diamond stud on her sharp nose and the way her lips looks when she pouted at him sometimes. He could not wait to call her his wife.

But, as time went by he heard talk of a possessive boyfriend. He dismissed the stories saying he was an EX boyfriend. He knew that Shanti  would never have agreed to getting married if that relationship wasn’t through but what he should have known was that the story tellers were not trying to protect him, they were trying to get him to protect her for a little before the wedding, Shanti was admitted to hospital. Acid had been thrown at her by the jilted boyfriend.

As she battled the most painful fight of her life, Sunil sat outside praying for her recovery. Fortunately, his prayers were answered and after an anxious few months Shanti sat up. She could take visitors and finally asked to see Sunil.

A curtain had been drawn round her bed and when he began to pull the curtain aside she said, “Don’t Sunil…please.”

“But, Shanti…”, he began to say, longing to take her in his arms.

“I…I can’t….I just wanted to tell you that I understand…”

“Understand what?”

“Why you would have broken off the engagement…”, she replied, her voice breaking.

“What are you talking about?”, Sunil asked.

“Just go away Sunil…it will be better that way…go away…”, she whispered, her voice shaky with emotion.

“Okay”, Sunil said, and got up. But he didn’t leave. He ripped the curtain aside and looked at an unrecognizable girl sitting on the bed, with Shanti’s voice. She screamed and covered her face with her hands. Gently he pulled them down and looked into her eyes. Then he moved closer and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“What…?”, she asked confused.

“I’m not going anywhere Shanti. I love you.”

She looked at him for a moment before saying, “Even now? When I’m…I’m like this??”

“Yes,” he said, “Always…”



This is a piece of pure fiction. It had been written for ABC Wednesday “A is for”… as well as for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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4 comments on “UBC18: A is for Always

  1. Roger Green says:

    Unfortunately, it IS almost ALWAYS the men who are idiots.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday


  2. It’s heart wrenching and horrifying tales of some obsessive idiots owing to lax laws. It ends well and on a positive note. An inspiring post, Preeti:)



    • Preeti says:

      It’s true that the laws are partially to blame. But I think the main problem is the fact that most men have little or no respect for women. I don’t know how many generations it will take for that to change…


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