UBC24: B is for Benevolence

Longer than you,
I’ve walked these lands
Since the continents were formed;
When grasslands turned to sand,
Before man donned his crown
And the world became
The way you know it;
Benevolence, is my name.

Then, I was worshiped.
My will, you did abide.
But some time since then,
You cast me aside.
My garments once dazzling
Pure, without rend
Were so, only when
Benevolence was your friend.


With every cry
Of a widow of war,
With every young child
Who has parents no more,
With each young man
Lying crippled in bed,
Because of your weapons
The slaughter you led.
With every child
Whose innocence you’ve stolen
With every parent
You’ve left heart-broken.
You’ve rendered my garments,
Almost beyond repair
My face is scarred,
My body, now bare.

Perhaps that is why,
You don’t see me there…

I urge you to remember,
Before I fade away
I pray that you hear me,
That you revive me today.
Please clothe me once more,
In garments without rend
Let us walk together,
I’m Benevolence. Your old friend.


Written for ABC Wednesday “B is for…” as well as the Ultimate Blog Challenge

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12 comments on “UBC24: B is for Benevolence

  1. Denise says:

    So moving and current.
    Thanks so much for contributing. Denise ABC Team


  2. Enigma says:

    Beautiful. The world will indeed change for the better if we all could set aside the intolerance and practice benevolence, not only among each other but to our own selves. Loved this, especially the rhymes.


  3. Carver says:

    Important word to hear and take in. Carver ABC Wed. Team


  4. Roger says:

    BOY, do we need this lesson right about…NOW!


  5. shanx says:

    Beautiful Preeti. Let’s hope it doesn’t fade away 🙂


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