UBC26: Adviceadda

When I was growing up, turning to the internet to find a solution to my problems was a dangerous thing. As tempting as the Google search bar was (and sometimes still is) it was not the best place to find out how to fix my life. So, from small things like pimples to larger issues like career choices and boys, I only had a few people to ask and the advice I got was usually based on personal experience not expertise. But, times have changed…and how!

Adviceadda is India’s first website specifically created to help teenagers and young adults with all types of problems they might be facing. The best part is, you can raise your questions anonymously! This site is fast turning into a friend to those who feel like they are at a point in their lives when they have none. By helping the troubled youth connect with experts on a range of subjects from education, careers, fashion and lifestyle to relationships, legal counselling, sex and depression, Adviceadda has provided a sanctuary of sorts where anyone can go and receive good advice from trained people who know what they are talking about and will maintain confidentiality.

It’s a noble idea to have something so special as this up and running and I hope that more and more young people find the answers they are looking for here.

If you have the time, please check out the website and also my first contribution to a forum that wasn’t owned by me here! 🙂




4 comments on “UBC26: Adviceadda

  1. This seems to be a good idea ….. provided the people behind it handle it well.

    Secondly, it should not become a means of entertainment for anonymous pranksters. Of course, I suppose there are ways to filter out most such people.

    I hope this initiative succeeds.


    • Preeti says:

      I think right now they seem to know what they are doing. So long as the enthusiasm of the creators doesn’t die, I think it will be a great website.
      I hope they are filtering out the mischief makers too.


  2. It’s good of you to blog bout’ it Preeti and we need more initiatives like this to help the young people dealing with crisis.


    • Preeti says:

      That’s true…sometimes it’s hard to open up to someone you know. A place where you can talk to someone about your problems without fear of judgement is just what our youth needs


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