UBC30: When minors commit major crimes

On TV shows I watched when I was younger, when a teenager boy or girl complained about being “treated like a child”, a parent would whip around and say, “If you want to be treated like an adult, you’ve got to start acting like one!” (or something to that effect). I’ve always thought that was a smart answer and even memorized it, as you can see, to use on my future children, if they said that to me. I think the converse too holds true – when teens behave like adults, they sure as hell should be treated like them too.

If teenagers can think of and more disturbingly follow through with such heinous acts, why do we insist on treating them like children, for crying out loud? I cannot understand how human rights activists (no offense to any of you reading this) fail to see that they are often on a crusade to protect minors who are capable of committing MAJOR crimes! How is it that the victim takes a back seat and the age of the law-breaker becomes the most important thing?

I have nothing against a fair trial because I believe that if it is indeed fair, in cases of crimes against women, it should make no difference if the man on the stand is seventeen or seventy. Age is just a number and the punishment should be the same; death (which I believe is way too kind) or whatever else the court sees fit. The fact that teenage rapists get off so easy simply because they are tried in a juvenile court is almost akin to encouraging them. Like saying, “Go kid, do what you want now…before you are eighteen. Even if they catch you tomorrow, you’ll be out in no time. It won’t matter at all!”

I always thought justice was supposed to be blind. If she is, how is she supposed to read a birth certificate?



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14 comments on “UBC30: When minors commit major crimes

  1. Our judicial system needs to be revamped in order to suit the needs our changing society. We just can’t stick to grandfather laws of justice and expect it fits all. True from the heart post, Preeti 🙂


  2. i b arora says:

    actually in our society we are not really worried about justice, we keep inflicting injustice and keep suffering injustice


  3. It’s so horrifying when we see such archaic laws. It’s so revolting how a violent teenage can be sent to remand house. Ive written a couple of posts on it and contributed an article as well on Nirbhaya. If interested, do lemme kno!


  4. I’m inclined to agree with you, but on second thoughts, I think the matter needs careful consideration. Our society needs to work on topmost priority to prevent sexual crimes. This needs a multi-pronged approach, in which the judicial system is only one prong.


    • Preeti says:

      Those are two different things. First, tackle the problem in hand – right now, when crimes are being committed, the wrong doers need to be properly punished regardless of their age. Second – educate the masses. Try and bring about a change in the mindset so that people (men in particular) realize that women and children should be treated as equals. This will, however, take at least another generation to seep in I think.
      True, it should be multi-pronged…but I think since there is one, the people in charge should make sure it functions properly.


      • I completely agree that the wrongdoers need to be punished, and the punishment must be severe enough to act as a deterrent to other potential wrongdoers.
        However, I do not agree with “regardless of their age”. Juveniles should not go scot free, or should not get away with a light or farcical punishment. The punishment for juveniles could be different from the punishment for older wrongdoers, but should also be severe enough to act as a deterrent to other potential juvenile wrongdoers.

        I’d like to change “people (men in particular) realize that women and children should be treated as equals” to ” all people realize that all people should be treated as equals, irrespective of their age, gender, religion, caste, economic status, educational background, profession, place of residence, etc.”


        • Preeti says:

          Perhaps Pro, but, to me, if you are able to think of and then do something extremely brutal shows that you are of a certain degree of maturity. It follows then that you should be punished accordingly. There should be no difference in sentencing simply because you haven’t crossed into commonly accepted adulthood. Just my opinion here…possibly very black and white, but what to do! It’s how I feel.

          I appreciate the change to my bit about equality…my take was a little narrow. I think what you said about makes much more sense. If only it would happen quickly.


  5. ranganr says:

    Really though provoking. In recent times the number of rapes on women are growing and to everyone surprise, many of the convicts are minors…So punishment should be same..Because the suffering caused to the victim by both majors or minors in such cases are same.


  6. well written ” when teens behave like adults, they sure as hell should be treated like them too.” Loved these lines. keep Writing!


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