Dessert Disasters

I subscribe to The One Minute Writer and was shocked when I checked my inbox, because of all the days for the prompt to be “cooking” it had to be today. I’m not too happy with it because although I hate to admit it, I am recovering from one of my worst kitchen days ever. I’m a pretty decent cook usually and thanks to my mother and Google, I can almost always dish out meals that people enjoy. But, by people I mean about five hungry diners at the most and in light of the events that transpired, I should have probably remembered that teeny tiny fact…

The other evening, there was a small dinner party of sorts organized by our new friends here and the husband, a great believer in my kitchen owl-159402_640skills, confirmed to the host that I would be making dessert. The roster said about fifteen people. Three times more than I had ever tried to feed before but, since he had already confirmed, I had no escape. I figured the easiest thing I could make was Shahi Tukda. I love the dessert even though it’s a relatively simple combination of bread and sweetened milk. Somehow, when my mother makes it, you don’t feel like you’re eating bread soaked in sweetened milk. When I made it (I’m not sure what I did wrong) but, that’s exactly how it tasted. But, having no choice, I carried the dish to the party and well…let’s just say it wasn’t a hit.

Am hoping in a couple of years I’ll be able to laugh when people remember my dessert debacle…but I am so not there yet….sigh!


16 comments on “Dessert Disasters

  1. I love Shahi Tukda, make it with milkmaid 🙂 At least you tried making it.


  2. Shalzzz says:

    Haha… 😀 I was always proud of myself for not making any blunders in the kitchen. Until one day- the unfortunate day when I called in few guests to serve the dreadful Onam Sadya. I still remember my husband saying, the Sambar and rasam is almost the same, and the Avial has gone completely wrong!!! :O Take it easy ❤
    Support me @Something’s Cooking


  3. LuAnn Braley says:

    So sorry to hear it did not go the way you had hoped. But hey, there was a fire in my kitchen while I was cooking supper tonight. But everything’s ok.


  4. I would like to +1 Vishal here. Are you not tired after UBC :p
    BTW all the best (says a person who knows how to cook maggi) :p


    • Preeti says:

      Like I told Vishal Anmol, am a little tired, but my blog feels alot better since I started posting regularly. Want to take this as far as I can and feel my happiness grow too! 🙂


  5. Next time try out fruit cream or custard. 🙂


  6. Ananya Tales says:

    All the best says a lazy cook 🙂


  7. hey Preeti! all the best for the cooking and u got d patience. Btw are you not tired post UBC?


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