Sleep eludes her for,
Sunrise brings with it much change.
She tries to be brave
Knowing that even the worm
Must face the unknown to fly.



Written based on the prompt in The One Minute Writer – Tanka Tuesday. The prompt was “Change” To learn more about the style of writing. Please check out the original post on TOMW here.


12 comments on “Change

  1. Change teaches us lessons of life. beautifully expressed.


  2. shanx says:

    Lovely! Well expressed Preeti 🙂


  3. nabanita21 says:

    How we evolve…How a caterpillar changes to a butterfly…we all can learn something from that figuratively I mean 🙂


  4. uma says:

    I loved this. Such forms of poetry are new to me and the link was useful.


  5. Anita says:

    Very true! Change or metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly! Lovely 🙂


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