Of feathers and caps

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost two months now. I haven’t posted it because…well…it felt a bit like blowing my own trumpet and I am not a big fan of doing that. I actually feel quite uncomfortable when I am in the limelight and turning the spotlight on myself is very out of character. But, it seems that I have done something I should be proud of so, here goes nothing.

But perhaps a little background before I get on with it: There was a time when I thought if I failed to have a successful conventional career by the time I hit the mid forties, I would be a writer. So, in the early 2000’s, I compiled all the pieces of poetry and short essays I had written since I was a young school girl, typed and printed them out and had them spiral bound – to keep for eternity. Like many other things, over the next decade, it lay collecting dust until one day during a bout of spring cleaning, I chanced upon it and carried it to the husband’s place to read. But, I left the book unattended and I suppose with a bright blue cover and a title that reads “The Literary Works of Preeti Farias – Part I“, I can’t really blame the mother-in-law for taking a look. The in-laws read all those little bits of me and declared their daughter-in-law had talent. (If I could translate the degree of embarrassment I felt as they read that spiral bound book of mine into words I would be a stellar writer…but I can’t yet. So you will have to imagine it for me.)

Flash forward now, to a couple of months ago: The father-in-law is the principal of a degree college here in Mangalore, but it’s new; and in all its shiny newness, no one had written a college anthem for it. Remembering my little collection of poems, guess who he suggested write the lyrics? That’s right…little-ol’-hardly-the-right-person-for-the-job me! I, of course, flatly refused a bunch of times. I mean an anthem has to have a forever quality about it. It has to be special and while I am hoping to one day be otherwise, at present, I am an average poet/lyricist/story-teller/writer/blogger at best! But with their unwavering faith in my ability (which I think could be deeper than my belief in myself), they wouldn’t let up. Finally, realizing that there was no way out, I agreed and typed up a couple of verses one morning.

I sent the email to the in-laws almost sure that they would be disappointed and hopefully find a real lyricist never asking me to do something like that again when my phone buzzed. I’d received a message from the mother-in-law. They really liked it. They were going to use it!! Needless to say, I sat gaping at my phone doing an absolutely brilliant goldfish impression for a good long while…

With hardly any editing, the verses which I thought extremely silly were converted into a chorus and stanzas and at the college annual day at the end of February, the anthem was sung.

Since I couldn’t attend the function in person, the in-laws brought a scroll with the anthem lyrics embroidered on it for me to keep, all gushing with pride while I turned as red and hot in the face as I did when the husband kissed me in public for the very first time!

Like I said, being the lyricist to a college anthem is something I should be proud of. Everyone else certainly seems to think it’s some sort of achievement. So here’s a picture of the feather in my otherwise bare cap! (I know it isn’t the greatest picture…but if I am an average everything else; I suppose I am a below average photographer.)




8 comments on “Of feathers and caps

  1. Now That’s a feeling which will be with you forever and bring a smile on your facewhenever you will remember it. Preeti I think you were being little selfish by not sharing this since months. It’s such a great post and inspiring too. Inspiring means we often just ignore our inner voice and gets carried away by the voices of people around us. Our talent , our true love often resides in the store room hidden.
    Ok … While I was writing this comment , i remember one song. forgive me coz it may not be relevant,
    Thande -2 pani se nahana chahiye , gana aye ya na aye gaana chahiye … 😛
    So may be we are not confident about us , we must share our thoughts with others, you never know whom you inspire,
    Also, I am sure , i must have mentioned , you really write so well … 🙂
    Forgive me coz i just keep writing without thinking and I never revise fearing that may change the original feelings 🙂


  2. Carol DSouza says:

    That is amazing!!! Congratulations. I have a super talented sister in law!!


  3. It’s really great..(y) …


  4. So so so proud of you my super talented friend ❤ it's amazing 🙂


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