Winter is coming

No offense Game of Thrones fans, couldn’t resist using that as my title when it is so apt for my post today. Well…I think it is anyway.

img_0719Those of you who have been reading my posts through October know that I joined a group of women as part of the Learn and Serve initiative. Well, I’ve finally completed what I set out to do early last month and I feel good. Plus, for me it was delightful (no other way to describe it) to watch absolute novices go from not knowing how to make a chain on their crochet hook to finishing sixty inch long mufflers complete with tassels! Some of the women even want to move on to making caps. I am not even their teacher but I still feel proud of them.

I don’t have photos of their work, so you’ll have to make do with just mine. For now.

The temperature is falling here in Bahrain and the days are growing shorter. Just in time for winter, we’ve completed our project and hopefully will bring a little warmth to those who need it most this season. Did I mention I feel good? 🙂



It’s everywhere. That hashtag. I saw it up as a friend’s status on Facebook. I made it my own a few seconds later. That was yesterday. Today, a very large percentage of the women on my list of friends have the same or a variant of it as their status.


I look at those stupid buttons that Facebook has developed to react to things and I don’t know what to click.

Like? No, I don’t like that it happened to you too. That you are part of the population that has to take part in a movement like this. I don’t like that at all.

Love? That’s what I’m sending you because you’re my sister in this. It was you yesterday. It was me the day before. It could be her tomorrow if we don’t do something.

That amazed button? Because I’m in shock that you too have experienced what I have.

Tears? Because there was no one to protect you when it happened, like there was no one to protect me.

Anger? Because the nature of the issue is such that no one is spared. No one is safe. No one.

I don’t know how to react. All I do know is that it’s time sexual harassment and assault – to whatever degree – is taken seriously.

It happened to you?



Post 17 in the UBC this month.

Learn and Serve

October is shaping up to be a good month for me. First it was the experience of the Jazz Festival and now, being part of the learn and serve initiative.

Learn and Serve has been around for a while now. Since its inception, every year groups of women get together to learn how to knit or crochet. Quick and simple projects like scarves and beanies are chosen. The finished product is distributed among construction workers as well as among people in cancer wards just before winter sets in here in Bahrain.

It’s a great cause and yesterday I was able to attend my first session. The lovely ladies who attended it with me are in the picture.


Now, I’m not exactly a beginner. I first picked up a crochet hook when I was pregnant with my little one, in 2015. I had this idea in my head that I would bond so much better with her if I had made blankets and mittens and little bonnets for her myself. So, before her arrival I managed to make two little blankets and a few amigurumi toys. Once tiny made her appearance though, my hook, much like all other aspects of my life became neglected and I only picked it up again when I wanted to make a graphgan of Jimi Hendrix for the husbands birthday last year. (His birthday is coming around again in a couple of weeks and that graphgan is…well…perhaps I can give it to him as a Christmas present this year!) Anyhow…

Am so glad that I decided to stop being lazy and to be a part of Learn and Serve this year. Hopefully, the cap that I’m making will keep someone nice and warm in the cold winter months ahead.


Come back tomorrow to find out what happened to Emily after her wedding ceremony. To read all that has happened to Emily so far, click here.

Post 11 of 31 of the UBC this month. Nearly at the halfway mark! Closer and closer to completion I get everyday! Yay!


What a night!

I know I’m in the middle of a story series and for those of you lovely people who are following along everyday as I publish a new chapter, I will tell you more about Emily and her journey tomorrow. I had to pause and tell you about last night!

Bahrain, the tiny little island on which my family has lived now for a little over three years, hosted its first international jazz festival! The husband and I heard of the festival in early September but, as with most things we figured that we would go and buy tickets img_9661only closer to the show if we really wanted to go…

Fast forward to last night, the 6th of October, the day of the festival and the two of us still didn’t have tickets and were still unsure about going. Although the gates opened at 11 AM and performances began at noon, at 5:30 in the evening, the two of us were sipping on tea trying to decide whether we would enjoy doing the grocery shopping for the week and playing a game of scrabble after or actually going to the show. Fortunately, tickets were available at the venue and we made the effort to attend the jazz festival.

We arrived in time to catch the last three acts. I wish we had reached in time to watch the Speakeasies, a Greek swing jazz band, play their whole set, but we didn’t. We heard them belt out their last three or four numbers and my otherwise stick-to-mamma-in-a-crowd little one was on her feet dancing in no time.

The next band to play were the Ska Vengers who had music that was a very interesting fusion of old style Indian sounds, Cuban, jazz and rap among other things and they had everyone dancing along; including my daughter who tried very hard to imitate the movements of their lead singer. 😀

The final act was the Electric Swing Circus and not only did they make amazing music on stage they were also extremely entertaining. Unfortunately, attending a show that late in the night with a toddler has its limitations and my daughter had had enough. So, we left before they finished.

However, I have two regrets. One, I think I should have taken pictures. I was so busy enjoying myself that I didn’t take out my phone. Two, which is my bigger regret: We missed the rest of the performances. If they were anything like the last three acts, they would have been worth watching, even if they were playing in the middle of the afternoon in the open air.

For my two and a half year old and I – a thirty-one year old – it was our first “concert” experience. (Don’t judge on either counts…) We had a fabulous time! Sitting on the grass, dancing to some great music, munching on good food, sipping cold drinks, enjoying the kid’s play area AND listening to amazing music.

Well done Bahrain!

What a night!!


Come back tomorrow to find out what happens to Emily!

Am posting everyday in an attempt to complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month.