UBC31: Done and done!

When I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I was quite sure I would give up before I reached the end (and I almost did a couple of times). Posting everyday seemed an impossible task and truth be told there were several days when I couldn’t think of anything to write and thought it would be easier to just skip a day. But, some how, I got myself to sit at my laptop and today, look! I’ve got UBC31 in my post title!

Through this challenge I’ve discovered some really talented bloggers (Shashank, Vinodini, Tina and Chailtali come to mind immediately). I may not have read all their contributions this month but every time I did, I’ve been glad my cursor stopped at their name.

To quote the husband, my “blog seems fuller. It looks better now”. It gives me so much happiness to see 100+ published posts. I know for most people that happens within the first six months of blogging but for me, it’s taken almost three years to get here. Posting regularly requires a lot of discipline and until this challenge I honestly thought I had none. Now I know different and like a cricketer who risks it all once he has crossed a century, I feel the need to see my score grow and grow! 🙂

Blogging everyday has also improved my viewership in a way that I never expected. So, I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to come to my blog and read, comment and like my posts. You’ve encouraged me and helped me complete this challenge. Thanks to you, I am thinking of creating a page for my blog on social media because I finally feel like people will enjoy reading what I write!

Congrats to everyone who has completed this challenge. I hope to see you back at my blog. I know I will keep visiting yours! At the risk of sounding like Dora the Explorer, I’m going to sing, “We did it! We did it!” and urge you to join in with me! 😀


For the last time this July:


UBC30: When minors commit major crimes

On TV shows I watched when I was younger, when a teenager boy or girl complained about being “treated like a child”, a parent would whip around and say, “If you want to be treated like an adult, you’ve got to start acting like one!” (or something to that effect). I’ve always thought that was a smart answer and even memorized it, as you can see, to use on my future children, if they said that to me. I think the converse too holds true – when teens behave like adults, they sure as hell should be treated like them too.

If teenagers can think of and more disturbingly follow through with such heinous acts, why do we insist on treating them like children, for crying out loud? I cannot understand how human rights activists (no offense to any of you reading this) fail to see that they are often on a crusade to protect minors who are capable of committing MAJOR crimes! How is it that the victim takes a back seat and the age of the law-breaker becomes the most important thing?

I have nothing against a fair trial because I believe that if it is indeed fair, in cases of crimes against women, it should make no difference if the man on the stand is seventeen or seventy. Age is just a number and the punishment should be the same; death (which I believe is way too kind) or whatever else the court sees fit. The fact that teenage rapists get off so easy simply because they are tried in a juvenile court is almost akin to encouraging them. Like saying, “Go kid, do what you want now…before you are eighteen. Even if they catch you tomorrow, you’ll be out in no time. It won’t matter at all!”

I always thought justice was supposed to be blind. If she is, how is she supposed to read a birth certificate?



Written for Indispire – 23 on Indiblogger as well as for the Ultimate Blog Challenge

UBC29: The Other Woman

Different he seemed to have becomebroken-72161_640
Since that business trip he went on,
With another he spent hours
Forgetting he was hers.
Fight for them she would!
From her window
She threw it,
“Die, Phone…