J is for Jealousy

monster-426993_1280Looking at the couple seated by the window, she felt it deep inside. Green. Ugly. Desperate. She longed to have what they had. Craved what they shared.

But, Fate had been unkind. All she had was that monster growing as she gazed at them enjoying the very thing she needed.

The last piece of pie.


Written for ABC Wednesdays J is for…



At first sight

She backed herself into a corner and looked at the people approaching with wide, terrified eyes. At first sight they looked just like those who had hurt her before. She’d slowly lost faith in humanity.

But then he held her close and warm in his arms.

“Daddy can I keep her?”

She wagged her tail.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and it got featured this week! 


Home Again

She took in the once familiar surroundings and sighed, wishing she’d come back sooner. But, everything was just the way she remembered, if only in desperate need of a good dusting.

A smile played on her face for although she had begun to doubt she ever would, she’d managed to find her way home again.

UBC27: Alone

All alone I lie here. My love has been wrenched from me. Where she is now, I know not.

We were made for each other!! Without her; my existence feels pointless. What use am I alone? She gave my life its meaning and purpose.

Perhaps that is why you have left me here to die….



While packing my clothes, to carry to Bahrain from India, I seem to have left one, of a pair, of my socks behind. Poor chap, he probably knows that I don’t wear mismatched socks and that his end is near. This little piece is what I think he would say to me, if only he could talk.