Emily: Chapter Fourteen



Days passed by in a calm happy manner for almost five years, by which time, aunties with noses much too long for their own good began asking Emily why she hadn’t had a baby yet. It annoyed her at first. Then as she thought about it, she realized that she was ready to have a child. Perhaps Ethan was too. So, one evening, with no preamble what-so-ever, she sat down with Ethan after dinner and said, “E, I think we’re ready to have a baby.”

Ethan, who as usual had been reading something on the computer about the newest advancements in surgery, looked up a little startled and ran his fingers through his wavy hair. “Say what now?”

“We’ve been married a while. I’m ready to have a child. Aren’t you?”


“Look, there is never going to be a perfect time to have a baby. Something is always going to be wrong with the world and we can’t wait for everything to be all peaches and cream. If we do, that baby isn’t coming. We’ve got to have her and raise her right, so she can grow up and make the world a better place. Or he can; whichever it turns out to be.”

Ethan looked at her and opened his mouth to ask her where the desire for a child had suddenly come from then shut it abruptly, changing his mind. Instead, he began mentally calculating the possible expenditure a child could bring with it. As the numbers grew, almost as if she could read his mind, Emily said, “I know it costs a bomb to have a child, but we can afford a baby. We don’t have to give her the world, just lots of love, care, and joy.”

Ethan smiled a closed lipped smile and thought to himself that it was exactly like Emily to naively ignore the financial aspect of having a child. They could perhaps afford one child. If they had twins it would be a financial nightmare. Plus, most women wanted to be mothers. He also thought about how he would have to rework his schedule to fit a baby. It would not be impossible, just extremely difficult.

He sighed.

Out loud he said, “Sure Sweetie, let’s make a baby.”

Emily threw herself into his arms and after years, the two of had another night to remember.


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UBC Post 18!!!


The Innocent

They came out to join her as she waited, hands on her tense shoulders. It’d been ages since she’d been allowed to meet him. Today they’d finally given in to her pleas.

When she saw him coming, she ran to him sobbing, “Dada!!! I miss you so much!” He swallowed hard, holding her tight in arms that were ordinary except for a band of lighter coloured skin on one finger. There once was a ring there; matching one the woman at the door used to wear.

Looking upwards, bitterly he asked, “Why, God, are the innocent always the hardest hit?”


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It was a tight squeeze but for once in her life, she was glad she was scrawny. It was getting dark and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he gave up the search. Finally, after weeks of constant humiliation, today she would have her moment of triumph.

But suddenly the seeker pounced on her shouting, “Wrong day to wear those luminous yellow socks of yours kid!

Curses…foiled again!



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Okay…so maybe not the traditional use of the word luminous. But, it’s one of the correct uses right? Written for Lillie McFerrins Five Sentence Fiction. You can check out the fabulous other contributions here.

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UBC25: Komal

Today, newspapers are full of horrific cases of child molestation, abuse and rape. Sadly, it’s quite likely that this been going on forever. Not all victims of such heinous acts have came forward; probably because they were scared into believing that it was their fault and possibly at that time, they were unsure if what had happened was right or wrong.

This video clearly explains the difference between a safe touch and an unsafe touch. At last, the dire need of a video like this has been fulfilled. It’s simple, clear, educational and easily understandable for young children. It also gives them and their parents a number to call (1098) if they are ever, God forbid, in a situation like that.

Show it to your children today! They need to be made them aware!