J is for Jealousy

monster-426993_1280Looking at the couple seated by the window, she felt it deep inside. Green. Ugly. Desperate. She longed to have what they had. Craved what they shared.

But, Fate had been unkind. All she had was that monster growing as she gazed at them enjoying the very thing she needed.

The last piece of pie.


Written for ABC Wednesdays J is for…




She looked into the room where a woman was lying on the bed she’d shared with her husband for decades. He was next to her, holdingthe-reaper-296535_1280 her hand and stroking her now cold cheek. Her children and grandchildren were gathered round at the foot of the bed, seeking comfort and solace in each other. Her best friend, as grey and wrinkled as she’d become, was there; strong; helping hold everyone together. The lady wore a smile.

The one at the door turned to the cloaked figure carrying a scythe next to her and whispered, “Thank you. I am ready now.”


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Written for Indispire – 64 hosted on Indiblogger.in– If you could plan your death, how would you plan it?

At long last

When she whispers my name, my heart leaps but, I cannot go to her. I must not. It’d be wrong. But relentlessly she beckons me and I give into temptation. I’m only a man.

As my head hits the pillow, I sigh, “Oh Sleep, at long last I’m yours.

Word Count: 49


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Rainy Days…

rain-65484_640On a rainy day, just like this one, the doorbell rang and she had pulled her nose out of Amelia Jane and gone to answer it. There he was with his wind-swept hair, dirty sneakers and that giant blue umbrella. His eyes had widened when he saw her and before he turned to run off towards the lift, he mumbled, “Sorry, I’m new to the apartment complex, everything looks the same and it seems that I got confused…” She shook her head as she watched his retreating figure…”Boys”

On a rainy day, just like this one, she was walking back from high school holding her bright pink umbrella overhead when he caught up with her. He didn’t have one and was shivering slightly. She smiled slightly and offered to share her umbrella with him. He gladly accepted. For a while they walked in silence before he turned to her and asked, “Would you like to see what could actually happen over a cup of coffee?” She looked at him and thought for a minute before smiling back and saying, “Yeah”

On a rainy day, just like this one, she was crying rivers as she walked in the downpour with her arms wrapped tight around her body cold. They had had their first bad fight and she was afraid it was all over between them. Suddenly she felt something warm draped on her shoulders and felt a moment of fear before she looked up and saw his familiar face. He looked like he had been crying too. He said he was sorry…she said she was too and then there, in the rain, they kissed, a little awkwardly, but, for the very first time.

On a rainy day, just like this one, they were sitting at their favourite restaurant watching the rain from their cozy table. She was thinking about how wonderful it was to have been his girl for so many years. When she turned back to face the man she loved, he was on his knees and unveiled a small square blue velvet box. He opened it up and tried to talk before getting choked up. He just looked at her and hoped she understood. Of course she did. She began to cry happy tears and said, “Yes….a million times over…yes!”

On a rainy day, just like this one, the two of them ran out of the church hand in hand while the heavens blessed them with water and their family blessed them with rice. There had never been a couple more happy…or more in love. Some things were just meant to be.

On a rainy day, just like this one, amid a lot of screaming and nervousness, they welcomed their first-born child. A beautiful little girl who had her father’s nose and her mother’s eyes. The two of them looked at each other and then at their precious child and in their hearts they gave thanks…

On rainy days like this one, she sits in her balcony with her hot cup of tea. Her husband is lying down lazily on the sofa with a new novel and her children are out making memories of their own on rainy days like this.

So many people can’t wait for the rain to stop and for the sun to come out but she…she’s always loved the rains.


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