roses-66527_1280Everyday for her roses he took
Just to see the way she would look
When the fragrance reached her nose,
He loved moments like those!

Pride got in the way
They split that day,
Years it took
Back to

He carries
Wishing he could
Undo past follies
But he’d returned too late
So miserable his fate
For though for her love he still craves,
Those roses lie on her cold stone grave.


UBC29: The Other Woman

Different he seemed to have becomebroken-72161_640
Since that business trip he went on,
With another he spent hours
Forgetting he was hers.
Fight for them she would!
From her window
She threw it,
“Die, Phone…



UBC4: Suitcase

Courtsey D_Gabi

Courtesy D_Gabi

Finally, she pulled her suitcase shut.
Tired, she collapsed on the bed.
Suddenly, her eyes filled up.
Quickly they turned blood-red
for she stopped her tears;
unsure if they
were happy
or were
to return
to him quite bad
and supposed that made
those glad tears in her eyes.
But, leaving her family
Damn! How she hated those goodbyes…
Torn, she took that last suitcase outside.





In a new place, she felt quite alone
With no friends, no niche of her own
Each passing day, she felt worse
Moving seemed like a curse…
Then boxes arrive
Would they survive?
Pulled off tape,
From lips,
She picks one
Holds to her nose
Oh! That old book smell…
She was with friends again
Delighted to have them back,
A broad smile finally appears
In that old book smell, she found repose.


My ode to books….and how much I love them! Thanks Connie for a wonderful Wednesday prompt!