I hold her

Her face is everywhere. Most people are calling for justice. I can’t get her eyes out of my head. Bright. Intelligent. Hopeful. She could have become anything wonderful. There’s so much she could have done. But we’ll never know. I can’t imagine how devastating this must be for her parents. To be the victim of such a heinous premeditated crime? I am sick to my heart.

How are rapes of minors and women politicised? How does it make a difference what religion they followed? What are we becoming as a race?

Asifa, I’m so sorry…


I hold her close
I breathe her in
The scent of her
It’s heroin
I watch her smile
I watch her play
I can still kiss
All her troubles away.
It won’t be forever,
I’ll have to let go
I’ve but a little longer
This I know.

The world,
Is a terrifying place
And I hate that
I can’t keep her safe.
I hate worrying
She could be taken…
Tortured or raped
Or murdered without question.
I hate that just another number
She might become
In the every rising tide
Of victims of scum.

They’re our future
But we’ve lost sight
Of taking a stand
And doing what’s right.
Murderers get bail
Rapists roam free.
I fear there’s no hope
For our society.
My head is heavy
My heart full of sorrow.

Oh children…
I’m so sorry we’ve failed
To protect your tomorrow.

I hold you so close
I breathe you in,
I shed silent tears
For this world I’ve brought you in.



The sky…sun
Upon her face,
a soft, tender breeze.
Closes tired eyes. Sighs.
Too many loud voices sound,
her precious dream interrupted…img_2302
Peering at all the strange animals
through glass so thick to separate them
At each she gazes intently
Primped and preened are all of them.
Quickly they pass her by.
Wistfully she stares…
They can all leave
while always,
she must



We took our daughter to the wildlife sanctuary a few weekends ago and we saw a brown bear perched high on a ledge looking out of its enclosure at the world outside. For some reason, it made me very uncomfortable and I felt somewhat responsible for its captivity. 😕

This piece is what came of that feeling. It’s written in a reverse nonet style where every line has an increasing (or decreasing) number of syllables, not words, from 1 to 9 and back to 1 again.

Click Click Clack

Click click clack
Go the keys on my keyboard
Changing the white landscape
Staining it black
Click click clack
Words turn into lines
Trying to make sense
Of images in my mind.
They’re all parts of me
That I’ve click click and clacked
I’ve put myself out there,
Do you see that?
Do you see me,
In the words that you’ve read?
Disjointed, yet flowing
These thoughts in my head?
Click click clack
It grows more intense,
With every word
Line and sentence.
Do you see me?
I must ask again,
Or does my keyboard
Click click clack
In vain?


100 Word Challenge

Written for 100 words hosted by Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook. The prompt was “paper“. This was my take. Do check out the other posts. 

Whispered Prayer

As I watch my baby sleeping
And stroke her soft hair
I can’t help but say
An earnest whispered prayer –

I pray you know you are so loved,
And are always surrounded by people who care,
That you have friends
Who will always be there.
That in this scary world
You are always safe
That in the arms of loved ones
You can always find solace
That you grow up to be kind
And help those in distress
That you experience heartbreak
And learn the power of forgiveness.
That you always have a roof
To cover your head
A meal at your table
A pillow and bed.
That you are always gentle
With those not as strong
That you have courage
And fight for those wronged
That you know you are beautiful
No matter what anyone says,
That you chase your dreams
And do well – all your days.

There is so much I pray,
For you, now sleeping so peacefully
But what I want most of all,
Is for you a good person to be.