To the Men…

paper-535969_1280Dear Men,

It’s international women’s day today. A day when the world acknowledges women and their pivotal role in society. A day when we can stand up and proudly say that we are strong, brave, independent, competitive and fierce – not the weaker sex but equals with you! But, as we celebrate what should be the turn of the tide, why are you doing your absolute best to crush our spirit?

Men, in your seats of power, you pass laws that offer more protection to cows than women and still think you are fit to talk of progress. You do not dole out punishment to those of your gender guilty of marital rape. Would you force such “duty” on your own wives and daughters? There is no place of refuge or solace for women who have been tortured, physically and mentally, by other men like you. Do you not remember that you made a vow to protect your wife when the two of you made your way around the sacred fire? How can you not see that the weeping woman could be her? There is no justice for women who are victims of heinous crimes but, if that wasn’t bad enough, you give her no sympathy either, finding ways to pin the blame on her instead! Like the way she is dressed or how late in the evening she is out or that she is with a male friend should make a difference when it comes to her safety… Are you not afraid that one day that nameless faceless woman could easily be your daughter? Things have deteriorated so much that it is now unsafe even for our children to play outside because there are those of your “superior” gender with an insatiable hunger for the unthinkable. How do you sleep at night?

Men, will you ever see us as your equals or will we forever be just objects that you can use and discard?

Men, do you not see that because of acts so brutal, so cruel and so barbaric committed by some of your gender, all of you are looked at with suspicion and distrust? That unless you change your attitude, more incidents like the ones that have already shocked the world will continue to take place? That we must teach our sons to treat our women respectfully? Do you not see that the drastic, immediate change should have taken place yesterday?

Dear Men, I was angry…once. Now,  I am just disappointed.

Thank you for giving us so much to celebrate this women’s day…


UBC30: When minors commit major crimes

On TV shows I watched when I was younger, when a teenager boy or girl complained about being “treated like a child”, a parent would whip around and say, “If you want to be treated like an adult, you’ve got to start acting like one!” (or something to that effect). I’ve always thought that was a smart answer and even memorized it, as you can see, to use on my future children, if they said that to me. I think the converse too holds true – when teens behave like adults, they sure as hell should be treated like them too.

If teenagers can think of and more disturbingly follow through with such heinous acts, why do we insist on treating them like children, for crying out loud? I cannot understand how human rights activists (no offense to any of you reading this) fail to see that they are often on a crusade to protect minors who are capable of committing MAJOR crimes! How is it that the victim takes a back seat and the age of the law-breaker becomes the most important thing?

I have nothing against a fair trial because I believe that if it is indeed fair, in cases of crimes against women, it should make no difference if the man on the stand is seventeen or seventy. Age is just a number and the punishment should be the same; death (which I believe is way too kind) or whatever else the court sees fit. The fact that teenage rapists get off so easy simply because they are tried in a juvenile court is almost akin to encouraging them. Like saying, “Go kid, do what you want now…before you are eighteen. Even if they catch you tomorrow, you’ll be out in no time. It won’t matter at all!”

I always thought justice was supposed to be blind. If she is, how is she supposed to read a birth certificate?



Written for Indispire – 23 on Indiblogger as well as for the Ultimate Blog Challenge

UBC25: Komal

Today, newspapers are full of horrific cases of child molestation, abuse and rape. Sadly, it’s quite likely that this been going on forever. Not all victims of such heinous acts have came forward; probably because they were scared into believing that it was their fault and possibly at that time, they were unsure if what had happened was right or wrong.

This video clearly explains the difference between a safe touch and an unsafe touch. At last, the dire need of a video like this has been fulfilled. It’s simple, clear, educational and easily understandable for young children. It also gives them and their parents a number to call (1098) if they are ever, God forbid, in a situation like that.

Show it to your children today! They need to be made them aware!



UBC24: B is for Benevolence

Longer than you,
I’ve walked these lands
Since the continents were formed;
When grasslands turned to sand,
Before man donned his crown
And the world became
The way you know it;
Benevolence, is my name.

Then, I was worshiped.
My will, you did abide.
But some time since then,
You cast me aside.
My garments once dazzling
Pure, without rend
Were so, only when
Benevolence was your friend.


With every cry
Of a widow of war,
With every young child
Who has parents no more,
With each young man
Lying crippled in bed,
Because of your weapons
The slaughter you led.
With every child
Whose innocence you’ve stolen
With every parent
You’ve left heart-broken.
You’ve rendered my garments,
Almost beyond repair
My face is scarred,
My body, now bare.

Perhaps that is why,
You don’t see me there…

I urge you to remember,
Before I fade away
I pray that you hear me,
That you revive me today.
Please clothe me once more,
In garments without rend
Let us walk together,
I’m Benevolence. Your old friend.


Written for ABC Wednesday “B is for…” as well as the Ultimate Blog Challenge

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