I didn’t know when I fell asleep, but when I opened my eyes, the sky was its inkiest black – the colour before dawn. Disoriented, all I knew was that I had to get out of there. So I got up, and stumbled into what felt like the bark of a tree. The low hanging branches scratched my face but I braved their sharp sting and moved forward. None of that mattered anymore – except getting away before it came back…

winter-203548_640I had scarcely moved when I heard the sound of its feet cracking the dry twigs and dead leaves as it moved towards me. “How did it know so quickly!?! I have to get away!!“, I thought terrified. Afraid that I would end up on the floor of the woods just like those leaves, I abandoned all effort of moving as quietly as possible and began to run towards what I hoped was freedom. But, with every step forward, instead of getting further away from it, the Beast only seemed to gain on me. It was so close I could almost feel its foul breath on my neck.

At last, I could see the clearing. But as I got close, it caught up and knocked me down. While I lay there, sobbing and screaming hysterically, the Beast stood over me and I saw the strangest thing in its eyes – triumph, of some sort. The Beast pushed me hard into the ground and just when I feared the worst was upon me, it began to walk away; almost sure I wouldn’t escape even if left unguarded. As I lay there, petrified with fear I tried to clear my mind. “Had this happened before?“, I asked myself. “Why didn’t it just kill me? Why did it walk away? Does it think it’s got me beat?”

As the cloud of confusion slowly lifted, I realized that I had been running from this very Beast for a long long time. But, I was done running.

I desperately felt the ground beside me for something to use as a weapon. As my fingers closed around a heavy branch, I took a deep breath and hit it, with everything I had. In its agony, it rolled about finally lying still, just beyond the trees.

I couldn’t believe what I had done and longed to look at the creature whose death had brought my release. As the first rays of the sun painted the black sky orange and dawn arrived, I saw its face…

The Beast was me…


The biggest thing holding me back my whole life has been myself. Constantly doubting my ability to do anything and fear of not meeting my own expectations and standards, let alone those of others, have been my biggest hurdles. Yesterday, I read this at Damien Riley‘s blog: “Rapunzel up in her tower had an excuse: she was held captive.” and it spoke to me…

The time to slay the Beast has arrived.


Written for the Write Tribe Blog Carnival – 1.

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UBC7: Feels like home

Since I left Bangalore, I’ve been on a break from kitchen duties and I’ve realized that as much as I enjoy my role as head chef; deciding the Foodmenu and looking up recipes, having my mother and mother-in-law make their specialties while I played chief taster, was a great change…

Back in the kitchen, I made crumb-coated chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli.

When my husband, who had been living on his own till I joined him, smiled a big old smile when he saw what was for lunch, I had to ask, “It does feel like home, doesn’t it?”


Written for Write Tribes 100 Words on Saturday as well as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.




In a new place, she felt quite alone
With no friends, no niche of her own
Each passing day, she felt worse
Moving seemed like a curse…
Then boxes arrive
Would they survive?
Pulled off tape,
From lips,
She picks one
Holds to her nose
Oh! That old book smell…
She was with friends again
Delighted to have them back,
A broad smile finally appears
In that old book smell, she found repose.


My ode to books….and how much I love them! Thanks Connie for a wonderful Wednesday prompt!

So you think you know…

His stomach rumbled and he realized that it had been days since he’d last eaten…so he took a deep breath and hobbled out into the traffic to knock on a window. She just looked down her nose at him and shooed him away saying, “Why can’t these people get a job!”

It broke his spirit to start begging, but having his foot crushed by that road-roller had ended his working life forever…he had to do something to feed himself.

“So, you think you know it all!” he almost shouted back at her…but he didn’t…because he realized she probably knew nothing…


Written for Write Tribes 100 Words on Saturday. Thanks Jairam for an interesting prompt!