Norwegian wood“, said the man with a grizzled beard and thick eye-glasses as he ran his hand across the polished surface of the dining table lovingly. “It’s a bit worn and some of the woodwork seems to have lost its original luster, but it’s been in my family for ages. I hate to part with it…but such are the times. Between you and me young lady, I’ve always felt there was a bit of magic in this wood…”

She didn’t really believe in things magical and mystical but she was drawn to the sincerity in the mans voice and without really thinking about it, it found its way into her home.

That was over five decades ago. Over time, that table had grown into a favourite destination in her home. It was where family and friends sat down to enjoy hearty meals together. It was where silent tears had fallen and hours had been spent laughing. It was where counsel was given, comfort received and prayers whispered.

Perhaps that old man had been right. Perhaps the table was magic. For it was around that table that she had been made privy to the secret of a happy life – Eat, Pray, Love.


The books:
-Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
-Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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UBC23: Flood

abstract-21644_640Long ago it rose,
To renew a rotting earth.
Ripe now seems the time
For the water to return…
To once again cleanse our world.


Written based on the prompt in The One Minute Writer – Tanka Tuesday. The prompt was “Flood” To learn more about the style of writing. Please check out the original post on TOMW here.  I’ve also written it as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


So you think you know…

His stomach rumbled and he realized that it had been days since he’d last eaten…so he took a deep breath and hobbled out into the traffic to knock on a window. She just looked down her nose at him and shooed him away saying, “Why can’t these people get a job!”

It broke his spirit to start begging, but having his foot crushed by that road-roller had ended his working life forever…he had to do something to feed himself.

“So, you think you know it all!” he almost shouted back at her…but he didn’t…because he realized she probably knew nothing…


Written for Write Tribes 100 Words on Saturday. Thanks Jairam for an interesting prompt!



I must mourn…

For all the people who have no one to hold their hands, no one to comfort them, no one to help them believe that tomorrow will be alright and that sometimes things have to get bad…really bad before they get better. For them, who cannot bear to face the pain and sorrow that another rising of the sun will give them and decide that they have reached the last chapter in the book of their life…

I must mourn.

For the ones who were trying to make a difference in some one’s world and then were taken away, not by their own hand but by forces out of their control. For those who were healthy and have had their bodies suddenly fail them. For those who were young and have not yet had the chance to experience the world. For those who have not had the chance to say goodbye or tell the people they care about that they love them because there was supposed to be tomorrow but everything ended today…

I must mourn.

For a world where the number of suicides and deaths by accidents are growing all the time…for the ones who are left behind…for the ones who shed tears of inconsolable grief. For the ones who feel like their world has shattered. For those who believe their life has ended with the close of those they love….

I must mourn.


I wish lasting peace to the friends I have lost in such sudden circumstances these past two months. I have scarcely had the time to recover from one loss before I’ve been hit by another. I cannot imagine the trauma their parents and closer relatives must be going through and I wish them strength.