This evening I took down the mobile which used to be suspended over my child’s crib.  


It left me overwhelmed. 

Tiny’s grown from needing help with turning to just stretching those little fingers up high while she is solidly on her feet to give those swinging toys (who would yell for their lives if only they could) some vigorous exercise…

Even though tonight’s the end of the period during which she’s been “zero” – tomorrow she’ll be one – I still find I’ve moments like these, those of utter disbelief time’s flowing by so very quickly.


Time. Slow down! Slow down?


100 Word Challenge

The prompt for the 100 word challenge on Thin Spiral Notebook this week was to write 100 words without using the letter A. An absolutely brilliant prompt! Go check out the other posts here.

Click Click Clack

Click click clack
Go the keys on my keyboard
Changing the white landscape
Staining it black
Click click clack
Words turn into lines
Trying to make sense
Of images in my mind.
They’re all parts of me
That I’ve click click and clacked
I’ve put myself out there,
Do you see that?
Do you see me,
In the words that you’ve read?
Disjointed, yet flowing
These thoughts in my head?
Click click clack
It grows more intense,
With every word
Line and sentence.
Do you see me?
I must ask again,
Or does my keyboard
Click click clack
In vain?


100 Word Challenge

Written for 100 words hosted by Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook. The prompt was “paper“. This was my take. Do check out the other posts. 

Whispered Prayer

As I watch my baby sleeping
And stroke her soft hair
I can’t help but say
An earnest whispered prayer –

I pray you know you are so loved,
And are always surrounded by people who care,
That you have friends
Who will always be there.
That in this scary world
You are always safe
That in the arms of loved ones
You can always find solace
That you grow up to be kind
And help those in distress
That you experience heartbreak
And learn the power of forgiveness.
That you always have a roof
To cover your head
A meal at your table
A pillow and bed.
That you are always gentle
With those not as strong
That you have courage
And fight for those wronged
That you know you are beautiful
No matter what anyone says,
That you chase your dreams
And do well – all your days.

There is so much I pray,
For you, now sleeping so peacefully
But what I want most of all,
Is for you a good person to be.

Of feathers and caps

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost two months now. I haven’t posted it because…well…it felt a bit like blowing my own trumpet and I am not a big fan of doing that. I actually feel quite uncomfortable when I am in the limelight and turning the spotlight on myself is very out of character. But, it seems that I have done something I should be proud of so, here goes nothing.

But perhaps a little background before I get on with it: There was a time when I thought if I failed to have a successful conventional career by the time I hit the mid forties, I would be a writer. So, in the early 2000’s, I compiled all the pieces of poetry and short essays I had written since I was a young school girl, typed and printed them out and had them spiral bound – to keep for eternity. Like many other things, over the next decade, it lay collecting dust until one day during a bout of spring cleaning, I chanced upon it and carried it to the husband’s place to read. But, I left the book unattended and I suppose with a bright blue cover and a title that reads “The Literary Works of Preeti Farias – Part I“, I can’t really blame the mother-in-law for taking a look. The in-laws read all those little bits of me and declared their daughter-in-law had talent. (If I could translate the degree of embarrassment I felt as they read that spiral bound book of mine into words I would be a stellar writer…but I can’t yet. So you will have to imagine it for me.)

Flash forward now, to a couple of months ago: The father-in-law is the principal of a degree college here in Mangalore, but it’s new; and in all its shiny newness, no one had written a college anthem for it. Remembering my little collection of poems, guess who he suggested write the lyrics? That’s right…little-ol’-hardly-the-right-person-for-the-job me! I, of course, flatly refused a bunch of times. I mean an anthem has to have a forever quality about it. It has to be special and while I am hoping to one day be otherwise, at present, I am an average poet/lyricist/story-teller/writer/blogger at best! But with their unwavering faith in my ability (which I think could be deeper than my belief in myself), they wouldn’t let up. Finally, realizing that there was no way out, I agreed and typed up a couple of verses one morning.

I sent the email to the in-laws almost sure that they would be disappointed and hopefully find a real lyricist never asking me to do something like that again when my phone buzzed. I’d received a message from the mother-in-law. They really liked it. They were going to use it!! Needless to say, I sat gaping at my phone doing an absolutely brilliant goldfish impression for a good long while…

With hardly any editing, the verses which I thought extremely silly were converted into a chorus and stanzas and at the college annual day at the end of February, the anthem was sung.

Since I couldn’t attend the function in person, the in-laws brought a scroll with the anthem lyrics embroidered on it for me to keep, all gushing with pride while I turned as red and hot in the face as I did when the husband kissed me in public for the very first time!

Like I said, being the lyricist to a college anthem is something I should be proud of. Everyone else certainly seems to think it’s some sort of achievement. So here’s a picture of the feather in my otherwise bare cap! (I know it isn’t the greatest picture…but if I am an average everything else; I suppose I am a below average photographer.)