Norwegian wood“, said the man with a grizzled beard and thick eye-glasses as he ran his hand across the polished surface of the dining table lovingly. “It’s a bit worn and some of the woodwork seems to have lost its original luster, but it’s been in my family for ages. I hate to part with it…but such are the times. Between you and me young lady, I’ve always felt there was a bit of magic in this wood…”

She didn’t really believe in things magical and mystical but she was drawn to the sincerity in the mans voice and without really thinking about it, it found its way into her home.

That was over five decades ago. Over time, that table had grown into a favourite destination in her home. It was where family and friends sat down to enjoy hearty meals together. It was where silent tears had fallen and hours had been spent laughing. It was where counsel was given, comfort received and prayers whispered.

Perhaps that old man had been right. Perhaps the table was magic. For it was around that table that she had been made privy to the secret of a happy life – Eat, Pray, Love.


The books:
-Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
-Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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At first sight

She backed herself into a corner and looked at the people approaching with wide, terrified eyes. At first sight they looked just like those who had hurt her before. She’d slowly lost faith in humanity.

But then he held her close and warm in his arms.

“Daddy can I keep her?”

She wagged her tail.


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UBC12: Farewell Old Friend

My Dearest,

It’s been a while since we talked hasn’t it? About eight years maybe? Yes, I think it’s been about that long. How have you been? Has life been good to you? Since I could always tell you the truth, I’ve got to tell you I’ve seen better days than these….but, let’s not get into that now.

Friend, do you know that I never left? I’ve been right here all this while patiently waiting for you. But, I’ve waited in vain. You never came. Not once. Did you find someone better? Someone who made you happy? If you did, I hope it was worth casting me aside, not even popping in for an occasional visit when once we were inseparable. To say I was not angry would be a lie but slowly, the anger died and was replaced with disappointment and cruel acceptance. I realize that’s how life works. Friends fall apart. People move away and it was naive for me to think we would be together forever. Wasn’t it?

Dearest, didn’t we have a good run, while it lasted? The pictures we viewed together, the testimonials we wrote and the ones that people wrote for us and left us all warm inside? I have missed you as I want to believe you have missed me too. I wish we had more time. Perhaps I could have changed and you would have come back to me.

But, it’s too late now. Time has just about run out.

So, goodbye old friend. Perhaps we will meet again…in another time, another life.

Yours as ever,








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SHE – The nameless faceless ones

SHE was working in the night shift and was on her way home in the company car after a tiring day when it happened. Four strange men forcibly got into the car with her as they were halted at the signal…one man even pulled the driver out and pushed him to the ground. It happened before she really had a chance to comprehend what was going on. As they drove away to have their way with her…SHE wished she had something to help her…


They told her SHE would get the best wildlife pictures if she waited quietly in the bushes at the edge of the village until the first faint light of the morning appeared. She did as she was advised and waiting patiently. Suddenly she heard the crack of some twigs. She stilled in anticipation for the animal to make its appearance. It did. It also stood on two feet….SHE wished she had something to help her…


SHE was waiting for her bus when a minivan slowed down beside her. The man in the passenger seat lowered his window and beckoned her. She looked at him suspiciously for a moment but then he only seemed to be asking her for directions so she went closer to the vehicle to show him where to go.  The back door slid open before she knew it and a man pulled her in. They laughed as they drove away while she looked helplessly on…SHE had nothing to help her…


SHE is me….SHE is also you. SHE is the everyday woman. SHE is every woman who goes about her daily chores but ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time by some cruel twist of fate. SHE is every woman who has suffered at the hands of cruel barbaric men. SHE is every woman who has not had the bright light of the media shined on her misfortune and so has been ignored. SHE is every woman who could have been saved and spared if perhaps she had a little something on her to protect her…I wish SHE had Smart Suraksha with her

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


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